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Ross Hinson
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My biggest problem is that, yes the market is shifting towards streaming. But, what if like most people I have a very active work life where I do not get to watch tv shows. With the ever expanding catalog of tv shows available on netflix coupled with the fact that now that hollywood studios can negotiate to the highest bidder; I do not have time to catch up on most of the tv shows. Since streaming agreements are essentially negotiated contracts, what happens if I do not have time to watch the office but the contract is up and NBC networks has signed over the rights to other competitor such as Amazon. I don't have the income to subscribe to all of the offerings and therefore I will left out of shows that I want to watch. Competition is a good thing in that is lowers prices, but not when licensing control is strangled by 1 company which can negotiate in a bidding war. We as consumers will end up losing as streaming agreements expire. With netflix not investing in its dvd market, which allows you to watch the shows anytime you want, where will that leave netflix. I fear we will all lose.
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Sep 28, 2010