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linda roth
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I love movie nights, but sadly Honey and I have no close friend to share them with. Lucky you. I just caught up with your shoe blog too. You do have an interesting collection and wear them very well. It's no wonder people want to know where you shop.
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Everyone of your photos is a painting. I love the colors and the dilapidated buildings--loved them so much I Googled Scullys to see where you were. Now I know exactly where this picturesque part of the country is. Who knows someday you may run into this tourist?
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Wow. You definitely have to go--it's in your blood--from a previous life perhaps? And Geoff too. It's obviously a country for lovers.
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Andi's right. Travel lust. I've got it too, but no plans in the making. Foreign cuisine will have to do.
Closest I've gotten to riding a motorcycle is riding a moped on a road along the edge of a steep cliff on Rosario Island, off the coast of Seattle. That was enough for me. First time I had a drink before eight in the morning. It looks like fun, but what about the bugs--in your eyes, your mouth? Yuk. I'd really need a very fancy rig. And that's a pretty fancy rig you have around your waist no matter how you get where you're going.
I like the bag and the boots and the fact that it's Friday too. While I'd like to kick back and watch Tom Selleck tonight, we have an affair to go to. No relaxing till tomorrow. Have a nice weekend.
So loo is slang for comfort room? I used the word in a blog and wondered if I spelled it properly or if it even meant what I thought it meant. What are proper cuss words in the UK? Bugger may be a scoundrel?
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Geoff's photographs are wonderful. The colors and mood are so right. He's captured the tranquility that precedes.
OMG. That train would cause a panic attack--I'm always the first one out of the theater to get away from the crowds. I do have fond memories of trains though when you would get dressed up and my mother would wear a hat and gloves. There were private compartments and dining cars with tables clothes and roses. I loved flushing the toilet and watching the track fly by through the opening. It was very fascinating. I was five.
Well you got me curious. I never tried my self-timer before--didn't even stop to think I had one. So I just did. The picture of this blogger behind the blog shouldn't make it to the blog--I haven't even brushed my teeth yet.
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Sep 24, 2010
What's for dinner is a constant annoying question that plagues me minutes after my foot hits the floor in the AM. And it's especially annoying since I haven't felt like cooking in quite some time--and I definitely haven't felt like going to the market. If I never went again, it would be okay with me. --Freezer. Must have a freezer and keep it stocked. Also, I make a bunch of chicken breasts poached in wine to keep on hand for I-don't-want-to-think-about-it days. BLTs are also good fast downhome cooking--provided Geoff isn't a meat and potato guy.
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2010 on Tuesday at
I don't think there are any bad hair days for any of us--we just think we are having one when we're dissatisfied with something else that's going on in our lives. Bed heads are in. Limp locks are too. Bangs? Who needs them? Once cut, you're stuck. --But then looks who's talking. Someone who cut all their hair off in 1985. I was sick of wasting half my life styling my hair.
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Of course Fall is a lovely time of the year in places where temps never fall below 55 degrees. But when you know that minus stuff is soon to follow where you live, Fall is a prelude to a fall from grace. Sorry, it is a bit early in the season to be bah humbug, but I really do prefer shorts to jeans, flip flops to boots. Your pics are terrific. I'm going to look into the G10. Do you use a tripod?
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Mar 15, 2010