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I just think it is not the son who is prodigal. and the mother really would benefit fom some heartsearching. the son might be the only one who can really help her do this. if he has the guts to be honest about how he feels. she needs to be saved. Frank
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Hi Keith, For reconciliation to occur-there has to be a clear statment of the wrong done. (I am willing to admit this will be both sides). The son has a responsibility to not be 'fudged'--but to clearly state the way he feels he has been sinned against. His mother has valued status/ money- damage limitation -more than the needs of her son. There needs to be complaint and lament-before a true meeting of hearts. Reconcilaition needs a clear statement of the facts. There are real issues where wrong things have been valued-for the wrong reasons. It is not just about different styles-there is power abuse. Or else why would the son be disenchanted? He needs to be prized again by his mother-and valued for his contribution. He needs her to change her ways -and stop being so concerned about her lost status and preservation-and start thinking about the future. And that can only happen with clear communication. To not do so will just lead to more compromise-which is what can happen in families-and it often happens in a more paternalistic or in this case maternalistic context. Hi Steve, -in the story the son is persuing love and justice -while his mother is persuing money/status -in connection with her survival--in the state to which she has been accustomed -the son is finding like minded friends wherever he can -who the mother can bearly bring herself to have in the house -or just doesn't care very much about -at least in the way she organises her priorities the son is; -including others -spending his energy on the challenge of community -investing time, effort and work in what it will really take to make it happen -in study-and in prayer -counting the cost -with or without mortgage -spending his energy-pouring himself out like a drink offerring -often without money - -apostolic nobodies -yet not without significance much effort-yet she remains aloof Frank
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How about this version ? My apologies if it is a bit raw and earthy-but it feels more like this. The mother is an unfaithful, unloving whore-compromised by reliance on and a search to maintain money, status and political hierarchical power, bewailing her loss of prestige, power and influence and marginalisation. In a state of panic. Her end is coming-but she cannot face it nad will not admit it to herself or anyone else. She is just too proud. In fact she is in a terminal state of decline-being in need of radical change -and needing to repent for her arrogance -in dust and ashes-yet not admitting any of this-but stoically maintaining rigid, inflexible self righteous false piety. Nothing has changed. That's why the son left in the first place. She does not repent-and the son cannot return. She keeps calling him prodigal-yet all the while it is she who has been unfaithful with many other false iamges of power--and it is the son who has sought a more faithful way. It is the mother who is prodigal--not the son. The son has no money, power or political influence--but he has far more than this -he has a moral charismatic authority, rooted in a search for love and justice. He had to leave to seek a more faithful way because she was so dominating and unrepentant. He saw that her ways were killing any real life he had. Maintaining her status with others always meant more to her than loving her son and supporting him and seeing him flourish. And maybe what happens -when finally stripped of all her money, buildings, intellect, status, structure, influence and unwise compromising alliances-she can finally see how truly desperate her state is -she will be able to run to the son, being vulnarable, honest and contrite with him for the first time- Maybe then, after her repentence-they will be able to weep for joy together. Truly. Frank
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Apr 17, 2010