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I was amazed when I read that there had been 8 complaints about these dogs, and they were still with the owners. And, now to read that the victim was one of the complainers, and that she was concerned with the welfare of the dogs just has me shaking my head. I live in Dayton, and over the last 17 years have been approached by many people who have asked me if I was interested in fighting my dogs (multiple breeds), what kind of dogs I had, and if I wanted to breed my dogs. (All of ours are neutered as soon as possible). While I do agree that poverty has something to do with this mind set, it also has to do with environment, education, and lifestyle. It also calls for stiffer animal abuse laws and more money/staffing/education for animal control. (And, really, attack numbers are based on media stories? WTH?)
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Feb 8, 2014