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Like the old joke: "Hated the restaurant, the food was terrible." "And such small portions!"
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Bill - If you haven't already seen it, you might want to take a look at which creates a "notebook" based on what's posted using that hashtag, keyword or person. As I understand it you need to create the hashtag / keyword / person notebook first - then all posts with that hashtag are logged for reference and sharable. It's ideally suited to creating a notebook of tweets from a conference, but has many other interesting uses. For an amusing example see
I second Chris Yeh's suggestion. Would you like to block out a panel on "Enterprise 2.0 and Getting Work Done?" I'd also be happy to contribute and help.
Larry -- Thank you for the kind words! It's taken an embarrassingly long time for me to get my own words out, but I believe the distinction between an enterprise as an organization with a purpose - as Drucker defines it - is the essential difference between the "Enterprise 2.0" metaphor and the "Web 2.0" metaphor. Organizations have a shared purpose, limited resources (but many orders of magnitude greater than informal groups); a need to choose among mutually exclusive actions; a need to manage plans and actions over weeks, months, years or more; accountability to shareholders and employees; and enough structure to survive and thrive in a competitive world. The fact that work is required doesn't mean that work should anything other than enjoyable and rewarding in every sense, as Drucker taught so clearly.
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Dec 3, 2009