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Los Gatos, California
Hopeless romantic and lover of sci-fi.
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@Safire: Your right of course but it was such a great scene. Of course, there were so many great scenes. Ah well, enough complaining. As Stardog said, at least JC filmed the rough version for us to enjoy with the other deleted scenes.
@Swizav Txur-itan: I used a name generator to translate my name (Richard) which means powerful ruler. I went ahead and adopted it before checking out what it means in Na'vi...pretty cool though. I live about an hour south of San Francisco so I can understand why there is such a difference between many of the blog entries. I've been reading through the various entries and enjoying the creative contributions. Still pretty much a novice when it comes to Na'vi but Eywa ngahu ma eylan.
Hmmm. My first thought would be the original release. Yeh, I know, there were physical constraints associated with the original release and I'm sure it was a nightmare trying to decide what to keep but I always thought the jump from teacher/student to mated couple was pretty abrupt. Also, the dance scene showed an increased connection between Neytiri and Jake. At the very least, this scene should have been finished out for inclusion (as a fully developed scene) in the Collector's Extended version. I'm sure Cameron already anticipated the expanded version.
I just joined so forgive me if this is a repeat. After reading the script and then viewing the deleted scenes from the Collector's Edition, did anyone else think the Hunt Festival should have been developed further and perhaps some... Continue reading
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Nov 24, 2010
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