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Well, BB lost this subscriber. They signed me up for Total Access in late July. I had the 3 out with unlimited in-store exchange. I averaged about 3 exchanges per week. Near the end of Sept. they informed me they would not be renewing my subscription and I could pay $8 more a month to continue with what I had. I didn't think I was that heavy of a user. It was a nice service, but it's not worth the money, especially when I can hardly find anything to rent between the 3 stores in my area.
I had DirecWay from Nov 2001 - Oct 2005. I had several technical issues with them during that time where I had to call their support. It was almost impossible to understand them. They would tell me to try the exact same things I had already done to troubleshoot. It finally got to the point that the service got so slow, I ended up cancelling it and switching to DSL. Streaming video and audio was always way to choppy.
I haven't received any message from them as yet, but I did send them an email through their website asking if those who were already members at the 3 out-unlimited in-store exchange level of $17.99 would remain at that level or be automatically bumped to the $24.99. They responded by telling me they could not help me with my inquiry and suggested I call their 800 number (which I've not had time to do yet). I've only been a member for a little over a month. My exchanges have been heavy since I have been catching up on movies I've not been able to see. There's nothing worth watching on TV right now anyway. I'm wondering if they will want me to switch to the higher priced level. If so, I will likely cancel. I like the service, but I don't like having it change from what was advertised within a month or so of joining.
I've noticed the same problem here in Austin. I mailed "Lois & Clark" Season 3 Disc 5 on Wednesday and mailed disc 6 on Thursday. I received notice that they received disc 6 today, but still have not received disc 5 (mailed from same mailbox). I've also noticed that it seems to be taking longer for them to ship the next item out from my list after they receive a disc back from me. In addition to that, I've been getting an increasing number of discs shipped to me from Houston, Dallas and California.