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Where I slightly disagree with the blogger is his/her explanation for the high pro-US, pro-Bush feelings in India. It has been my observation that most of India's Hindu majority (75% of the total population) supports the US (and Bush) in the war against Islamic totalitarianism, while its Muslim minority (almost 20% of the population) hates the US. In the Indian subcontinent South Asia), every Hindu who gets converted to Islam becomes an enemy of the US and Israel. After all, Pakistanis were also Hindus before they were forcibly converted to Islam in the medieval ages. Just look at the hatred for US prevalent in Pakistan today. Yet, the US administration continues to gift billions of dollars worth of military hardware as aid to Islamic Pakistan. Go figure !!!
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2011 on Who Hates America? at The Futurist
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Jun 9, 2011