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I admit the bubble chart makes no sense to me. It claims to include all incentives including CO2 tax and, if I read correctly refers only to the Volkswagen eGolf presumably chosen because it is available in both EV and ICE versions. If you look at Denmark, it shows that this car receives about $52k worth of incentives and is about 15% cheaper than its ICE counterpart so it looks like to me that you get the car for free and a large additional cash payment just for taking the car off the lot. Yet with all this less than 0.5% BEVs sold in that country! Norway shows about $22k incentive which apparently just brings the price of the eGolf to equal the Golf ICE version. Does the eGolf cost more than twice the Golf?
@HarveyD, by "we" do you mean USA? The article leaves out the most important incentive. Besides the various benefits listed these countries have a huge tax on cars based on their CO2 output which can double the price of the ICE car, so EVs are not just cheaper, they are for a majorportion of the people the difference between affordable and not affordable
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Mar 18, 2018