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It would be clearer if they were numbered within each source rather than across all sources. Ron's point being a good one...somewhat misleading.
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This is so stupid it shows how this blog doesn't understand basic concepts of the media industry. It's really tiring hearing the same ignorant rants about copyright. Then to read about tools called "You Lie" just makes it more insulting. If some .com hack doesn't like the record labels, then don't trade their obviously inferior product. Keep in mind that the artists choose to work with these labels. With so much awesome indie music out there why are you in this rut adopting political tag lines that tell people you have no desire to understand the fundamentals? Build a new reality that plays by your rules and partner with artists that don't mind what you do with their music.
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Well, maybe the wonderful thing about Google Video is that typing in "CES" doesn't bring links to a tech conference, but broadens its results with things that have to do with real life. Don't get me wrong, I've been in this business 20 years, but success for new media products will come to those that no longer cater to techies. The (real) world needs searches that uncover real content. It's all relative to your expectations, of course.
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