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It had always been my dream that the Wall Street Journal or News Corp would put together a competitor to NPR that focused on the same educated demographic but didn't have your liberal media worldview. I know, I know, NPR is not liberal. Whatever. To millions of Americans it is. Anyway, my dream has come true. And it wasn't a big media group taking on your upper income space. It was millions of podcasters and one hardware company - Apple Computer. Now I happily listen to a variety of experts in all kinds of fields who know of what they speak and don't necessarilly have your Washington centric liberal media biases. I can plug my i-pod into the car radio on the way to work, or just listen at home on the computer. I haven't had to suffer the lock jawed commentators on NPR for a year now, and have enjoyed the quality and expertise of hundreds of new media voices. Yes, I still listen to some NPR podcasts, and appreciate your embracing the new technology. But now it comes with balance from other voices. It is such a pleasure. Personally I don't hold much hope out for radio as an industry, and believe that NPR, like other networks, is bound to shrink. But your inevitable demise would come more slowly if you found it in your hearts to offer some diversity on your airwaves. Good luck, I'll miss you if you're gone, but now truly the Wisdom of Crowds is out there to be found by all.
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