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Last I checked he admitted to killing dogs. Was convicted of the gambling charge because it had a stiffer sentence. He's still a piece of shit dog murderer. Just saying.
Get over it, LA is winning because of Jonathan Quick, no other reason.
Toggle Commented May 30, 2012 on Ed Snider Invokes Status Quo at Crossing Broad
Lee needs to shut his bitch mouth up. He'll probably go out in his next start and pull one of his 7 runs in 2 innings turds that he's good for about 4 times a year. yeah, bitch at the gold glove outfielder for losing the ball in the twilight, it's never happened in the history of baseball. that $25 million per year could have been spent in other places(Hamels).
@Shiva, from my count the series was a three way tie. gNats 1, Phils 1, Ghost of Joe West 1
How can anyone say anything about attendance at the Vet. I would'nt watch the 2008 Phillies in that ugly, urine soaked shit hole let alone the garbage that they trotting out on the field back then. Yeah, let's sit in piss and barf while we watch Travis Lee suck balls, but hey, we have that great prospect Rand Wolf coming up.
I'm ok with Howard being fat. Fat Howard was good, moderately in-shape Howard has been very mediocre.
@Courtney- very intriguing. I sencond J.T.'s sammich, anything with pastrami is ok with me
i got your morning wood in my pants
I would wear her like a hockey mask
Pete Orr recalled. The logical choice to provide infield depth.
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2011 on Hamels to DL at Crossing Broad
Oswalt 2010 with Phillies: 7-1, 1.74ERA, 53 Hits in 81IP, 73k. 21BB I would consider that an ace. Kinda hard to knock him this year seeing as how he's been hurt. He's also most likely been hurt all season and pitched through it in the beginning. Oswalt's personality has always made him seem disinterested, not everyone is like Victorino bouncing off walls.
shoulda used a shot with Mr Chow running around naked and had that as Holmgren
Happ's asking Pence if he can tag along
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Jul 29, 2011