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In that event, you and I apparently agree on a great deal. Until about 10 years ago, it took no great skill to run a newspaper profitably. That is no longer the case, and that's not a bad thing. I do believe that good newspapers are important to their local communities and the key to their survival, aside from finding sustainable business models, is good journalism. I met Alan Mutter at the Media Technology Summit and we swapped stories over pinot noir. His constant pot-shotting frustrates me. I know Dave Chase pretty well -- he and I met several times about a potential collaboration in Sun Valley last year. He's a smart man but I could never quite catch his vision. Steve Outing is particularly perplexing to me -- his columns are cartoonish and never propose real solutions. Newspaper publishers might be more interested in looking for partners (as I am) from people who aren't so apparently dismissive of our own passion and intelligence. You may (or may not) be interested in my takes on all this:
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2009 on Still Cooking the Books at Recovering Journalist
Of course it doesn't. But you don't want us to use the numbers from web analytics, either (despite the fact that people are, indeed, reading us online). So, we publishers, who so delight in dodgy numbers, are trying very hard to figure out how to work our way through this particularly challenging time. What is increasingly hard for me to fathom is why so many "recovering journalists" like you and Alan Mutter and others (many of whom you seem to consider "essential reading") take such delight in our difficulties. Taking potshots is very easy; finding solutions is far more difficult.
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2009 on Still Cooking the Books at Recovering Journalist
Here's what I don't understand. Yes, the new ABC rules are goofy (but they are transparent -- nobody's fooling anybody), but why are people apoplectic that newspapers now want to count their Web "circulation?" The people complaining about this seem to be the same ones who think newspapers have been too slow and awkward in embracing the Internet. So, please, complain away, but perhaps you'd like to offer a potential solution or two? P.S. Circulation audits have never been perfect, but my competitors have no audits whatsoever. Which is better?
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2009 on Still Cooking the Books at Recovering Journalist
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Nov 24, 2009