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David, glad you responded. We may have to agree to disagree here. But your readers can also read more here: And for those who want read The Chronicle of Higher Education story from February, it may prove helpful: Apologies for paywalls... Ryan Rauzon
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Mr. Safier, This post misleads Arizona taxpayers and offends the hardworking students and staff at University of Phoenix. Your assertion that Apollo Group was “targeted” for tax cuts in return for an extension of federal unemployment benefits is flat out wrong. Like many companies based in Arizona that do business in other states, University of Phoenix is subject to a blanket policy (not a targeted one) of double-taxation — once by the state of Arizona, and then again by the state in which our revenue is generated. Arizona desperately needs a fair tax policy to promote job growth. University of Phoenix employs 15,000 Arizonans, providing jobs to hard-working people who help educate America’s underserved populations. Our students are the returning military veterans, first-generation learners, and working parents who are often left out of the traditioanl higher education system. Your readers deserve to know of the benefit we bring to these underserved populations. It’s unfortunate that you failed to examine the success rates and fiscal costs of other forms of education such as community colleges. If you had, you’d find the facts differ with your blog’s analysis. We are proud to be one of Arizona’s largest employers, and proud to call Arizona home. Your off-base and misleading comments will not dampen our commitment to our students. In the future, before you launch into another false attack, we suggest that you do your homework. Your readers deserve that much. Sincerely, Ryan Rauzon
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Jun 22, 2011
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