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Bob Chapman
Living by the banks of Possession Sound on the Salish Sea.
A technical communicator with a Honda VTX 1800S.
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While I'm not saying that everything was done ethically in the US--it wasn't--but I'm not so sure the term "unceded" applies in the US. For example, the Point Elliot Treaty did establish that various Native peoples vast stretches of land in return for reservations. I'm not saying that there were always fair choices, but those treaty rights are beginning to be upheld more and more by the courts. We may find out one day how long the rivers actually run in the US. Canada is different. Vancouver, BC, has an example at the south end of the Burrard Street Bridge. The Squamish were forced from a settlement that they had there--no treaty was ever signed. That has resulted in a court case giving the Squamish First Nation some prime real estate. They are trying to write treaties in Canada now for all the unceded land. After the boarding schools, I'm sure the First Nations are not making the negotiations very easy.
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I would only suggest one change. Make the location LA or Orange County. San Francisco is to much like Corinth, with its open and accepted diversity. The same diversity exists further south, but isn't always as celebrated. Otherwise, perfect.
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Considering how the Grange has messed with partisan politics in this state, I wouldn't say "going the way of the Grange" means being powerless. (Don't believe them when the Grange says they are non-partisan.) Note that wonderful Anglican catch-phrase at the bottom of the Washington Grange homepage.
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May 20, 2010