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Dave In Calif. Mtns.
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I was at Pearl Harbor 10 years ago Major. I swear that I could feel something in the air as I looked down at the USS Arizona. What a solemn place of America.
Toggle Commented Dec 7, 2016 on Alawys Remember Pearl Harbor at One Marine's View
Awesome to have a true American warrior as Sec of Def. The nation is getting back on track quickly after the Nov. election.
Great Marine and a great choice.
I'm in the central Commiefornia mountains and this does NOT represent all of us here!! If I was on this airplane at this time, the TSA Nazis would've beaten me with their clubs and jailed me for the response I would've given to these azzholes booing a fallen Hero!
This is terrific Major. These young American studs get the respect of this 60 year old vet everyday.
Toggle Commented Nov 3, 2016 on The Natl Anthem with a kick at One Marine's View
Damn!! That is one chubby soldier. How could he possibly be allowed to look like that?? Isn't there a maximum weight allowed?
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2016 on are fat at One Marine's View
Give this marine rifleman a big. big raise. WTG young man.
Awesome video Major. Now I feel like I didn't get jack done on Monday.
Awesome post Major.
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2016 on Stay calm - Hump Day Quote at One Marine's View
What a damned shame. RIP Marine.
I feel for these brave men the fraudulent "commander? in chief" is sending back to this 5th century shit hole. Let them slaughter one another!!! They have done it for 1000 years.
This is terrific Major. I hope a wayward young man will see this and get motivated to do something in his life besides party and loaf.
Just awesome. I'm pleased to help pay, as millions of Americans also do, for these top tier weapons for our brave military warriors.
I talked to an old friend 2 weeks ago and John said his US Army Sgt. son has been deployed 6 times since 2006 to the middle east shitholes. Why would our DOD do this to him, and I'll bet thousands of others, across all of our fine military?? When is enough reached from these guys Major? How much can these guys take before they're spent?? certainly looks like an ass whoopin' took place there Major!! WTG Marines.
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2016 on Marines were here - Hump Day at One Marine's View
My late Father In Law who was a Marine for 28 years told me nicely how his daughter would be treated as my wife when we were married in 1990. I said yes sir, I wholeheartedly agree with you Colonel.
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2016 on Hump Day quote at One Marine's View
Courage and a lot of nerve. These men are the best.
WTH??? The American military can destroy these 7th century assholes!! My late Brother in Law went thru the same BS when he was in Vietnam from 1967 thru 1969!! He said many times that our "leaders" in the govt. caused the end for OUR troops!! NOT the enemy.
With men like Sr, CPO Byers in America's heroic military, we all can be thankful to all for their service to the USA. What a performance of duty that day. TY Sr. CPO Byers and well done. Congrats for the awesome honor.
What a damned shame. I hope some will survive this terrible accident but they must train regularly to keep themselves sharp.
If the USA had a real man as a president, the Iranian rags would never had tried to grab them. They laugh at our "commander in chief". So do I.
0bammy screwing up yet again and we lost another fine warrior. This is what is expected from a fraud wimpy presedente that never was in a fist fight or had a bloody nose. He's an incompetent moron. I feel awful for America's brave warriors in the miltary.
Amazing story of two amazing young American men, What bravery these two marines possessed. I'm awestruck by this story.