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Exactly the kind of cite I was looking for. Thanks Dave. (Guess I should be more careful as I review those T of Cs.)
Indeed, a welcome opportunity to be a part of thought provoking discussions around the import of population health. I heartily agree that it deserves to be center stage in any discussions about what kind of health care system we need. My first comment and thought...I worry that the depth and reach of the social environmental context effect on lifestyle choices is often overshadowed by the personal responsibility context. I hear this not only from the general public, but see it in the way educational programs are often designed to "correct" individual behaviors when there is good evidence that societal corrections (no smoking laws, etc.) do more to affect change. So much of the argument that focuses so strongly on personal responsibility is antithetical to what I consider a fuller population health perspective yet that is most of the work I see. What am I missing? What efforts do folks see happening, what new research efforts are underway, how can we best add balance so that the public is aware of the strong role public policy can play in helping people make healthy choices? (maybe this is seminar and not blog material?)
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May 21, 2010