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Beat-up, worn-out, neolibertarian ex-sf-troop with toy poodles.
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I have copies of Pulling Through by Dean Ing sealed in plastic in my families cars inside the three-day go-to-hell backpack in each. As a former CBR Instructor, I think it's one of the best.
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My Date of Rank as a buck sergeant (Artillery Recon before I went to the AMTU to become an XM21 operator) was 40 years ago this month. As I remember the NCO clubs over the following decade, it seemed to me that at least 40% of the denizens were black, but we still got saddled with diversity training, race relations NCOs and officers at brigade and lower levels and weighting of test scores by race for admission to schools. I was at Leadership Brigade at Sill when they added ten points to all blacks' scores for qualification to OCS and ACL (Shake & Bake NCO school). I decided to escape via AMTU then the Q course at Bragg. I am less sure about armor than infantry but I remember that 200 yard run with 200 lbs of soldier in a fireman's carry, both of us in full gear. I'm willing to at least listen to any woman that can accomplish that to find out if she has the psych makeup to fit in the "boys" without being a disruption of cohesion. I think I can more easily envision an Amazon Tank regiment. We can put the muscular gay guys with them for loaders.
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I'm sure there will be a party tonight at DePalma's. He will certainly see this as a validation of his work. I can picture him doing the "Sally Fields acceptance speech." "you really like me!!!"
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In 1971 I was assigned to the Leadership Brigade at Ft. Sill with duty as a TAC NCO at OCS. I was reviewing the 201 files on an incoming class when I notices that several candidates had lower qualification scores than were the official requirements and no combat experience that would serve as reason for a waiver and no formal waivers in the jacket. When I questioned my CSM (a 6'6" black man who would make R. Lee Ermey look like a pussycat), He went on a ten minute 90 decibel rant about the fact that the Army had decided to add 10 points to the qualification scores of black and hispanic (not his words) candidates. He also told me to be exceptionally meticulous about my evaluation reports so that if they washed out there could be no questions about their being treated unfairly. He was prescient about how heavily invested the brass was in this project. I accompanied many more "jarks" (a punishment run with rocks in their packs) than were normal before washing out a candidate of that class. So despite what congress thinks, we've been working on this for a while.
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Not really a problem, more like a long memory. from '69 to '78 I couldn't count the number of non SF officers that just couldn't wouldn't see any use for us even though we were all over the litterbox as well as sub-sahara in the mid '70s. I guess some of the officers in Berlin Brigade might not actually have realized that "Det A" was who it was because we weren't allowed to wear our berets in Berlin. But the point was that Admirals Mullen and Roughhead sounded a lot like those martinet officers.
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Oh, comeon now. Since when did the non spec ops officers ever even to pretend that spec ops were anything more than weirdo rule breakers that needed to do parade on Friday afternoon to straighten them out. I went SF back when it was easier, when SE Asia was eating our SF troops. I got my language, and alpine (both out of Bad Tölz) training years after I got my girl scout cap and never got scuba. In spite of the fact I was spending half my time on "The Dark Continent" I was always getting hassled by leg officers (because of my hair or the simple us insignia on my collar) whenever I was sent anywhere other than home base for briefings. In particular when I took the duty train to meet with the guys at "Det A". The legs only used to value us when we pulled their fat out of the fire. They were generally appaaled by us. Are you telling me that they have changed? It sounds the same to me.
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Has anyone been able to get the exact time that Obama made his "We wish the Chinese great success" speech at the G20 in Jakarta and how that relates time-wise with what appeared to be a missile launch off the coast of California?
Maybe, but I watched her morph from overly serious to the point of almost glum to a sarcastic wiseacre that pokes every every tender point on anyone that deigns to challenge her. She accomplishes getting her points across in media settings that many wouldn't be invited to. I am willing to believe she is quite serious about her beliefs and she gets her word out and her books read. Pamela is fighting a different battle against the same cadre. She is more Joan d'Arc to Ann's Monty Python. I would rather have a conversation with Pamela and watch Ann perform.
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I heard a term once upon a time in Germany, it sounded like "margarer grippe", I was told it was Platdeutsch (low german) and was best translated as "starved skeleton". It had been used to describe an ultra thin model. I had considered that to be the New York conception of glamour, but the way it was used didn't seem to bear that out. For Ann, yes, but Pamela is no stick figure. I'm a southerner with a taste for that fiery female ofttimes referred to as a "Steel Magnolia", and while they aren't southern they both qualify on the merits.
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I like both you and Annie, but I don't think she fills out a bikini anywhere near as well as you (based on your vlog posts). And normally the better in the bikini, the better in the evening gown. She's just more recognizable. After all, she's been branding fires a bit longer.
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Te Germans need to remeber how well this worked in the former Yugoslavia.
"The correct way to punctuate a sentence that starts: “Of course It is none of my business but--” is to place a period after the word “but.” Don’t use excessive force in supplying such moron with a period. Cutting his throat is only a momentary pleasure and is bound to get you talked about." From the Notebooks of Lazarus Long
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Can anyone tell me why I see an EIB (not CIB) on McChrystal's salad bar? Seem odd with all the opportunities during the last twenty to thirty years.
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So if "The Devil made me do it!" mitigates sentencing, I think I want to start the Washington DC branch of "The Church of Shiva" and preach special blessings (a bounty if you will) on infidels with law degrees within the District.
LTC Oliver North suggested that if was not a bow (since you can see his left hand on his knee, that both hands thing is obviously just another lie), maybe it was a curtsy. I think that fits and would represent his true fealty. BOHICA
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