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Bob Holland
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5.0L 4-cylinder! Wow, must be a real shaker! I would much rather see them use the twin-turbo 4.5L V8 diesel found in the Aussie Land Cruiser 200 GX.
LOVE IT!!! ...And being a Subaru, you know it will be available with AWD. Other Sambars are offered with AWD, so no doubt this one will also offer AWD.
Seemed like a pretty reasonable write up to me. They just stated the obvious: (A) Most people don't need a HD pickup—but if you need one, any of these vehicles will do a good job, and... (B) A 1/2-ton will handle a lot of the heavy stuff quite well; and will handle better; get better fuel mileage; and cost a lot less, both to buy and operate. They're just stating the facts. So how's that a lousy write up?
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Sep 13, 2010
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Sep 13, 2010