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Faris - Agreed. The industry as a whole needs to fail more. The conservative approach to digital as just another content pushing platform is leading to stagnancy and devaluation. The future needs us.
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with HTC Sense UI and Sony Ericsson Timescape, we've seen aggregated social feeds - collecting the messages shared across different social platforms and allowing you to browse by those sent from particular individuals (like a friend feed). This looks to be a powerful evolution that allows you to contextualize this shared social (also shared XXX...)
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2010 on The Future of Lifestreaming at Endless Innovation
Hey Faris. (wanted to crosspost my comment from the Facebook note here) I'm confused. Hasn't content been somewhat separated from distribution since... well... the phonograph? That didn't cleave the relationship between media and message, why would digital be any different? Even as "multimedia" was born, still this didn't change (remember the CD-ROM ala microsoft Encarta). For the most part people are still relating to various digital platforms through various distribution channels be it bit torrent, hacker forum, or store (brick and morter or online ala iTunes). I feel like digital platforms' message still are informed by medium as they shift based on socio-cultural norms. The iphone + App store (distribution) during its initial launch was filled with things like the zippo app and phone saber.Today it's filled with stuff like the the "engadget" app, and itripit and tweet deck. It started out hot... since then it's matured and cooled... and so will it continue McLuhan's cycle. care to comment?
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Jan 28, 2010