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How about some pedestrian infrastructure so that people have safer and more convenient ways to get around and won't want to use the tracks as a "shortcut?"
I think a lot of voters in Durham were feeling frustrated, especially about social justice issues. Durham's rise is mostly befitting the privileged, and it's leading to bigger disparities. People voted for the candidates who shared those concerns and promised to make improvements.
As someone who has invested decades of her life into civic engagement and the boring-but-important work of service on local boards and planning committees I have to object to the assumption that being an "activist" somehow makes someone less qualified for office. Of course we need people who know how government works, but if we only ever vote for folks who have succeeded inside the current system we will never be able to effect change in the system. I also don't see Charlie as having more municipal experience than Jillian - in fact, I voted for both of them. I hope you do not have readers who look at the inhumane treatment of people in our jail and the violently biased actions of police and want to keep this status quo!
My first reaction is that the DCABP endorsements reflect their own views of what leadership is supposed to look like. While I have a lot of appreciation for people (like me) who spend decades on boards and committees and getting to know the community's levers of power, I don't think it should be a prerequisite for elected office. I think is a need for broader perspectives and different types of leaders on the Council right now. I expect a lot of voters will be looking for new approaches and renewed energy around social issues like policing and affordable housing/gentrification. The Committee's endorsements seem to indicate other priorities.
Thank you for this excellent post, Kevin. I'm so tired of all these concern trolls who really just fundamentally oppose transit acting like they have more information and insight on these issues than anyone else, when the truth is they have been fighting transit in all its modes and locations for years.
I'm in inclined to agree with John Martin. There are some bright spots on this Council and they have overall made more good decisions than bad ones, there is still a LOT of room for improvement. I'm hoping to see some fresh perspectives from competent challengers.
Ooops not the Herald, the Durham News.
And three more (although the Herald headline hilariously and inexplicably says 4): Charlie Reese, Juan Alva, Ricky Hart. That's five men running for 3 seats. Will there be any women candidates?
So glad you're back. Especially now that I am a Durhamite! (I retired from OrgangePolitics and emigrated in 2014.)
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Jun 18, 2015