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Wow, I just lost a long comment by logging in! :-) Anyway, I started the original comment thinking I was going to disagree with you, but came out the other side. I have a vivid image of Spenser's home in my head. Coming in the front door there is an open kitchen to the left and a living room with a single full couch facing a television against the back wall. I get this image because when Susan and Spenser come in they peel off to these different locations, and when Spenser cooks he faces Susan on the couch and has to walk around the counter to bring her a drink or food. The stove and fridge would be next to each other against the wall behind Spenser as he does food prep. Off the living room is their bedroom, with a large bed with side-tables and a single dresser and closet. The bedroom has the bathroom off to the side facing the foot of the bed, no tub but a shower. I get this because Spenser talks about her coming out of the bathroom while he is in the bed. Some of this I probably added on my own from what I would have as an apartment, but I still have this very specific view of the home based on Parker's descriptions of the place and the actions of his characters. I thought that because I had the clear view and you didn't it meant you were wrong, but I rethought that as I lost the original comment. Instead, it may prove your point. Since Parker and I were/are both men, his style of description may resonate with me more than with you. Therefore I got the complete picture of his home and you didn't. Maybe that style of description is gender influenced, and so is the style of our reading. P.S. As for what he drinks out of, Spenser has specific glasses for beer, whiskey, white wine, and red wine. He also has high-end coooking tools. :-)
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Nov 5, 2011