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"I just had a good look at those posters again. There is nothing overtly sexual about them. They show women with strength, confidence and attitude." Ahem. Some of us guys find strength, confidence and attitude VERY sexy. Not to mention those uber-feminists, which are a REAL turn on! No question - Strobel and his editor live on a planet with which I am not familiar.
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2009 on Different strokes at Broadsides
Hit the cat? Those of us who are sufficiently long in the tooth can recall a Jello commercial wherein kids snuck into a backyard to steal fruity Jello off the tree in some grouchy old guy's yard. Originally the caption was "Hey you kids - get out of my Jello tree!" This evoked heartwarming images of kids stealing fruit from the neighbour of course, a Tom Sawyer kind of appeal that is universal. Wrong! It encouraged THEFT by children, and the voiceover suddenly changed to "Hey Kids, get me one out of that Jello tree!"
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2009 on With this ring, I thee dread at Broadsides
I'm partial to the Parti Rhinoceros proposal to change Canada's roads from driving on the left to the right. They would phase it in in three stages, with bicycles one year, cars the next, and trucks in the third year. I love one way streets, and as both driver and pedestrian never felt that Main or King posed any problem. Now the bizarre mess that was created on James South, that was frightening.
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2009 on Changing the flow at Hall Marks
I find that whenever I hear from "Men's Rights" groups it's good practice to to have a shovel ready...
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2009 on Burly men at Broadsides
Last year I moved to North Vancouver. Wow. What a dog friendly city. Most parks seem to be off leash, and more importantly it seems that most people just "get" dogs. I blogged about it here: Kids? No problem. Poop pickup? No problem. Doggy scuffles? No problem. For some reason everyone understands and likes dogs, and everyone is both responsible and respectful. Dog walkers here are well regulated, with a maximum of six dogs, and on designated trails and parks. Again, there just doesn't seem to be a problem. (Yes, my partner is a dog walker) Dog owners and non-owners alike are agreeable, and small problems don't get escalated into major conflicts. Really, the problems with dogs are with people, not the dogs. When people get their act together dog problems can be minimal.
Toggle Commented May 23, 2009 on I can haz kitteh posts now? at Broadsides
Mark, An FM Radio station is not the same as an MP3 player, or even a satellite radio channel. Surely one of the strengths and appeals of conventional radio is that it's effortless. Not everyone wants to sit around assembling playlists or choosing from 100 XM or Sirius channels. I'd ask what happened to radio that millions of people are willing to not only pay money, but also devote time to assemble or choose their programming. Is it no longer possible for radio programmers to create programming that is good enough that those hurdles don't seem appealing? If conventional radio is free and requires no work from the listener, then what exactly is it not delivering?
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2007 on The "Extreme Personalization" Trend at Hear 2.0
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Mark - the following showed up yesterday: Recruiting: amateurs outperform the pros "The U.S. Army National Guard appears to have found a solution to its recruiting problems. It's all about the $2,000 recruiting bonus paid to Guard members for each new recruit they bring in. Last year, one Guard member made $94,000 in bonuses by bringing in new recruits. ..." If I was running Sirius or XM I'd be finding ways to get existing listeners to sign up new ones.
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Why "The Truth"? Why not? Well, there's the pretty much inevitable comparison to that other news organization with the same name - Pravda.
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