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Dear Universe, I'm sorry I've been ignoring your messages. I'm sorry I forgot you had my back all along. I was too closed down to see the proof, no matter how many times you gave me obvious signs. I'm sorry I forgot our bond and lost trust in you. I'm sorry I tried to take everything into my hands and control Life, instead of letting Life show me the 'next right thing'. Today I'm changing... Continue reading
Thanks to Laura Grande for this lovely interview! Continue reading
Hi Judi, I'm so sorry I missed your original post. There's no 'ugh' about it. You're working through very important feelings to do with your own life and your feelings about motherhood. I'm so sorry I didn't respond earlier! Hope you had a great birthday. I should've taken you out for a coffee that day - sounds like we both needed the therapy. xxxoo Mag
Thanks for your thoughtful remarks,'re kind as ever. Hope to meet you one day at Eweknit - I haven't even been in the city long enough to see their new store yet! xxo Mag
Thank you, Mark - I admire your use of the word 'insouciant'. It should be in my tag line. "How insouciant can it be?" Much better!
Get your pump on with free DIY plans for Mag Ruffman's indoor meditation fountain! Continue reading
Hi Jo, You are the bearer of great news, twice! So happy to hear about Eweknit's vision for cozy couches and spacious tables. Can't wait to see it. And loved the article about the NHS prescribing knitting and fishing, and even home insulation upgrades. Let's move to the UK and get in on that! Mag
Hi Flyfisherjo, Thank you so much for the heads up on Eweknit's move. I've been recommending their classes to people and it's so exciting to know that they're going to be less cramped. Maybe they'll have a nice big table now instead of that squidgy one! And oh, how I love your stitches-as-rosary beads analogy! Maybe it's why hand-knitted things have such presence. It's that little bit of holiness in them. Maybe see you at the new Eweknit this fall. Mag
Judi, that's so fun that our birthdays are so close! You ARE accomplished, you're just too modest to call it that. I was noticing today how I see all of my various doings as 'being a drifter' rather than as being a rich and successful evolution of capabilities. It's worth noting how your abundance of skills adds so much richness to life. xoxo The first twin
Wow, Judi, we must have been separated at birth! Although you were clearly the first twin because you're way more accomplished, and from such an early age! All that dexterity AND you're an accompanist? Your hand-brain connection is super-charged! I'm so moved by your musing that prayers take form in stitches and brush strokes. I found myself enumerating - 20,000 prayers in a pair of hand knit socks. It is a compelling thought that prayer can be offered in the simple act of crafting. In fact, maybe it's not crafting that's so therapeutic, but rather the way it shapes one's thoughts into prayers. Thank you for sharing a small piece of your story. xo Your sis from another missus
Thank you for your thoughts, Peter. Your message is pithy and moving. And you coined the term cocoonification, which is an undeniable act of creativity in itself. I'm sorry your carver friend died. I'm glad you are learning and un-idle again. Life is such an explosively tenuous deal. It helps to keep moving. Or as Winston Churchill, who cultivated several hobbies including bricklaying and oil painting to help him work through political problems, said, "To be really happy and really safe, one ought to have at least two or three hobbies, and they must all be real." xo Mag
Thanks tw, I appreciate knowing that, and it's very kind of you to say it. xx Mag
Hi Bettina, I love your 'maintenance plan' concept for lifelong emotional balance! I enjoyed looking around your web site just now. I totally understand your desire to advocate on behalf of men, especially those who are separated from their hearts. (When we produced 'Men On Women' our goal was to help women understand men a little better and perhaps create empathy where there had been misunderstanding or even contempt.) Keep up your good work. xo Mag
Atta girl --- creativity finds exquisite outlet in payback! Mag
Hi Flyfisherjo, I adore EweKnit! It's my go-to yarn store whenever I'm in the city! I'm curious to know what day of the week you meet with your group. I'm really glad you've found an escape that soothes you. Sorry about the miserable principal. Maybe she/he would benefit from learning to knit. Although my guess is they wouldn't exactly be open to the suggestion? xo Mag
Crafting can help those who suffer from anxiety, depression or chronic pain, experts say It may also ease stress, increase happiness by releasing neurotransmitter called dopamine Leisure activities such as reading and crafting may protect brain from aging, study finds via I abandoned my blog over a year ago. In a sense I abandoned myself, because my self was in a weird downward spiral. When you can't pull up out of a gnarly place,... Continue reading
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Marg - If the items are mildewy, Concrobium Mold Control is a better solution than vodka. It stops mildew development and diminishes odours. You can find Concrobium in most hardware stores. Jonof - As long as your 'kill me quick' is a clear beverage with at least 40% alc. volume, it should work fine. Newman - 'methylated spirits' is a mixture of ethyl and methyl alcohol - in other words, a mixture of grain alcohol (i.e. vodka) and wood alcohol - that's toxic to drink but would probably work just fine as a dry-cleaning solution. Always test in an inconspicuous spot to be sure that the solvents don't make colours run or melt synthetic fabrics!
Joel - your idea is intriguing. The only issue I see is that the transfer paper comes in 8-1/2 x 11 sheets, and it sounds like you're after a larger image. You might want to experiment on a blind first - you can usually find them at Habitat for Humanity ReStores. Overlapping several of the sheets to get the image large enough will leave 'seam' lines that will kind of spoil the effect, so you'll need to experiment with the technique to see if you can get the look you're after. You mention transferring images onto adhesive paper - that seems like a better direction than t-shirt transfer iron-on sheets, but again, you'll need a fairly large sheet of adhesive paper to fill the blind surface. An office supply place could probably print it for you if you don't have a wide-carriage printer. Then you'd probably have to cut the image into strips and apply them one at a time to each slat - it's easier to work with small pieces of sticky paper than to try to apply one large sheet, which would tend to pucker and show air bubbles. Sorry I'm not more helpful - let me know if you figure out the technique. It really is a cool idea! Mag
George - sure, I don't see why a little turpentine wouldn't work as a preservative. Mary - It sounds like the Brie boiled off in the spill. I would spot treat it with tea stain and wax. Because the wax contains solvents and oils, it probably will only cover with a solvent-based finish like polyurethane. Disa - You don't specify the type of wood you applied the mixture to or which of my mixtures you used…since the process is a chemical reaction with tannins in the wood, the only way to get it grey now is to treat it with a paint finish. Here's a painting tutorial that will give you the effect of silvery aged wood...
Mr Jones - sounds like you would have more success with a decal that you can print on an inkjet and then varnish over it. Check your office supply place for inkjet-printable decal paper. Heron - The transfer may melt slightly with the solvents in the varnish. I haven't tried it, so I recommend testing it first on a small block of the wood. You might find the decal process mentioned above to be a more appropriate method. Hope that helps. Mag
Hi Tammy, Sounds like your iron is too hot and/or you're leaving the iron a little too long on the transfer backing. Try a cooler/shorter technique and see if you get better results. Hope it works! Mag
If you're the type of person who gets fidgety while riding in the passenger seat of a car for prolonged periods of, say, 5-10 minutes, you may need to work with your hands to modulate your nervous energy. Crocheting bird feeders out of 40-pound test fishing line is satisfying and productive. Whittling is an effective way to build up your supply of tinder for the winter, and the pile of wood shavings under your feet... Continue reading
This just landed on my Christmas list with a big gorgeous thud. Kevin Kelly has been blogging about inventive gadgets and devices for as long as I've had a computer, and he's finally produced a compendium of his faves. Don't put this book in the bathroom or you'll have a bum ring from sitting there far longer than necessary imagining all of the things you can do/build/make/share/hack. Glory tool-e-lujah, baby. Continue reading
Things change in an average life and for some of us, that means hanging on to time-honoured traditions, like our Christmas tree style, with renewed tenacity. For others, it means jettisoning the familiar in an effort to redefine ourselves and acknowledge change. For the latter group, here are a few suggestions for kicking up the festive while maximizing the restive. A driftwood Christmas tree... A homemade scrapwood Christmas tree... Source: A wall Christmas... Continue reading
Tweens are hugely creative and we've been having a blast shooting new episodes featuring their designs - here are a few: Zoe (12) and her swinging treehouse lounger Ella (9) and her climbing net Lucas and Kevin (11) with the chalkboard desk they built (steel pipe base) We'll be posting tween episodes on Lowe's Canada in time for the Christmas break - check out our other kids' projects (ages 3+) if you ever find yourself... Continue reading