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I recently tried this out at home, and here're a few things I learnt that hopefully might be useful to everyone else doing similar projects: - Might not work on some surfaces. As mentioned in the post above, the existing surface was high-gloss paint - the proj worked for this surface, but might not for others. I lined fabric on wooden IKEA shelves. Rubber cement on wooden surfaces is sticky and super easy to rub off. It didn't peel off quite as easily when adhered to fabric that already had a layer of rubber cement on it, though the bond was quite strong. If I left the wood alone and tried to adhere just the rubber-cement treated fabric to the shelf, it didn't stick as easily. In the end I put wet rubber cement on my fabric and adhered it to the shelf while it was still wet, and it stayed. Also another reminder to test out your fabric on the surface before you do anything! - This project's originally meant to be rental-friendly, but it can be done with the long-term in mind too! If you're going for the latter, you might want to consider getting waterproof fabric, or waterproof yours, as well as get fabric that is of some thickness at least. Basically, you want something that will last - so fabric that you can keep clean, one that won't trap dust, and one with less chance of fraying. My fabric's thin, though, so unfortunately I overlooked that. But I'm going to try laying out contact paper on the shelf I already lined, and I'm going to waterproof another fabric with turpentine and soybean oil. It might take a bit more time and effort, but weigh your situation (pros & cons) carefully, b/c it's worth making something that lasts. Haha just a note from one novice to another ;)
I've been following your blog for about 2 years now, and I'll miss all of it :/ I can relate to Jazzie quite a bit because I have severe-profound hearing loss, and have a cochlear implant too - reading your blog posts on your girls, it's as if I'm growing up right along with them (turning seventeen next February haha)! It's been fun, and all the best for the future ^_^
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Aug 11, 2013