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Ooo my sweet sister, I cannot resist your smoochies!
And I don't hide my love for senior dogs!
Happy new year, my sweet sister!!
Merry Christmas, my sweet sister!
Mmmm I like the sound of this liverwurst thing...
My sweet sister, those are some most excellent toys... and MMMmmMMmm birds.... heheheheh
They need to have a bootiful puppy day!
My sweet sister, you're always a puppy to me.
You're the most bootiful welcome committee my sweet sister!
My heart breaks every time I hear a story like this. Animals are for life, not for the moment. *sad Rumblin'*
Hmm, he looks like a very nice woofie, and I shall ignore the fact that he is a COONHOUND and I am a Maine COON!! I'm sure he wouldn't hound me.
What an excellent story!
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What a lovely cause, well done my sweet sister!
What a wonderful city where cute doggies roam around the street! I wonder if there is a kitty city?
That's such a sweet thing you're doing, my adorable sister!!
Awwww...I hate to see you suffer, my sweet sister! You need to come here, we're in fall!
Excellent job my friend!
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2011 on The Talk of Pussydom #5 at The Opinionated Pussycat
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My sweet sister, I think we're all lucky to know YOU!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! To you both!!
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Hahahahahaha!! Oh puppy, these are so sweet and clever! This is my fav photo of them all!
My sister, you've got such lovely teeths!
My sweet sister, that is such a great photo of you. You look lovely.