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I stand corrected after reading Wikipedia. This individual was born in London! Though It's a bit misleading when one's raised in the US and is known as a New Yorker. Even the Wiki entry uses "British-born American" as the descriptor.
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A very fine puzzle but I have to point out that 15-across was born in New York City, was raised in Washington State and returned to NYC where she made her name in the cabarets. Not at all a Brit!
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From what I've heard, the song you don't know the title of is "Outside of Town" which was recorded twice by the Fibbers (on their first EP for Sympathy - later reissued as a longer compilation LP - and on their first full album Lost Somewhere Between the Earth and My Home) and also by Carla on her mostly live mini-album I'm Gonna Stop Killing. It's a song I love a lot. It has the feeling of something very old and the lyric is astounding. I'd place it in a category with "Long Black Veil" except for the part where nobody has covered "Outside of Town". Exploring the back catalog for this band is the best kind of damn it.... I've heard Leyna perform a similar set of violin songs in Brooklyn and I agree with you on their beauty. Wish I could have been there. And glad the gear didn't blow up!
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Mar 15, 2010