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attimes i want to believe that those advocates of the southern cameroon doubt even know what they want. with most of them taking refuge in foriegn countries with diverse opinions and finally do not know what is even good for thier existence.
Mr shalom . you are all enemies of progress. can your above satement be proven.
To The POST. Either you Guys stop this blog postings of your paper articles if you dont want comments and keep to the unwritten laws of bloging- Articles commented in achives of topics of common interest do not even appear in the recent comments page. I believe there are better forum strutures cameroonians can discuss on if you dont want discussions on your articles-or better still tell when we sign in that our comments will be censored.
Well I do laud the efforts by the various groups.The SCNC can only dream of thier liberation if they fight the common foe.We no secret that the whole nation is not happy with the present regime in place . why not concentrate our efforts together seeking common solutions . while africa is looking forth to uniting ,some are looking forward to separation . what is the irony. some of the programmes of those of the likes of SCNC Train to train... you are talking of training a hand full of cameroonians for a nation who after thier studies will certainly enjoy the comforts of thier trainers and forget about the socalled nation. I am in cameroon and most of the advocates of the SCNC are out of the country. if they are interested in building thier regions it then its high time they invest in building structures in these regions and giving a higher standards compared to the other regions. As one post here mentions they have the most educated people- but i am afraid they are doing nothing to savage these people. You dont need to build structures under the SCNC banner for your people.If you love your Dog you will still remove it from the trap no matter if in that attempt it bites you. i am a media watch and before i go to bed each day i muss have watched news magazines from over 40 nations from mainstream to prime TV and still the SCNC problem or worse of all cameroons problems are not mentioned on any.CAMEROONIANS CAN WRITE A NEW WORLD HISTORY WITH A REVOLUTION FROM ABROAD. BIYA STILL GOES AROUND HIS PRIVATE VISITS IN EUROPE AS A FREE MAN : YET CAMEROONIANS ARE OUT THERE SCRIBBLING ON FORUMS AND FIGHTING EACH OTHER WITH WORDS: LETS USE OUR HEADS TO GO AHEAD:
Mr SCNC flag. i see you have no plans for the socalled people you want to liberate. You are just one block of the mouthy and complaints full cameroonians who in case of difficulties flee to a comfort zone. i see how you depend your economic growth on peoples wealth . these people had it been were interested in your nation would have invested for the regional growth of that nation before they even claim thier independence. when you move from yaounde/ douala to bamenda you see extreme poverty in the people in the that your so called nations. If your millionaires dont even think of building roads to thier house or even bring in industries to these regions now- would expect them to come when you have independence so that you depend on thier hard earned monies? -have you carried out any development project and some one has stopped you? -have you even ever sensitised the people about self reliance? -the only thing the people know in your socalled nation is whenthere are strikes . burn down the same infrastructures they need.This calous behaviour is what your nation believes in. tell me who will invest his millions in such a region. You are talking here of a nation and not a village . You are those guys who responsible for all the ruins in africa. I am in no way in support of the present regime but people should think of ways that can save a nation from turmoil and not selfish agendas. So when you separate will you come back from the comforts of those faked exiles? look at reality and get to work. Be an example to your nation by encouraging the youths and giving them a better future with your millionaires.fight the common foe first .
you guys from SCNC are not productive in any way . you are just helping ruin yourselves.if you concentrate your efforts to developing your socalled region rather than waiting for your independence, then you are doing somthing Good. has any of the so called scnc carried out community projects in thier region -NO. How do you guys expect to operate if you get the independence when you people have no structures. while people are investing great businesses in thier regions and helping the community to grow you people sit on forums here and ther propagting and ideology that can never work. If you cannot change the direction of the wind adjust yourself.
Its Time for a revolution-and a revolution can come from cameroonians out there. if all of you go to streets it can be a start to rewriting a new history for cameroon. Here the military has been stationed allover to intimidate us. Biya could not travel last week to Geneva. its time you People out there make it difficult for him to make his private visits and the visits of his minister. Cameroonians allover the world should take the 20th may as a day for the REVOLUTION.