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The reason people like you and I are 3:1 is precisely because this argument is not misguided: Any arguments people make about some devices being for creation and other being for consumption are just misguided in my opinion. But because schools are restricted by funding and forced to choose one device, that choice is an extremely important one. If you chose iPads because you see the workforce moving in that direction, own that that reason. Debate that point. The discussion itself is not moot. As cyclical as the discussion seems to be online, I love it because it forces people to revise and rethink their arguments. Russ
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Hey Nick, I know the school you're talking about and I agree that what they are doing with the business partnerships is innovative, but I feel that's a relative term. You wrote: I recently visited a school that was very innovative. It was a one to one school, but innovation didn’t stop there. The school had set –up a business entrepreneurship program for students. There was actually a room designed with cubicles for students to run their businesses. When I walked in the room, I felt like I was in any typical professional office area. A room full of cubes and a feeling that you're in a typical professional office are are not innovative. That's traditional. I'm nervous to equate "innovative" with "business-like." Russ
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I've reflected on how I use Twitter and Facebook (as they're the only two social networking sites I use on a regular basis) and I've realized that I do try to keep my personal and professional contacts separated. It's not the personal and professional conversation that I keep separated, though. I talk about my personal life with my professional contacts on Twitter. I don't talk as much education stuff on Facebook, though. And I'm not really sure why. I wonder what my high school friends who know me as someone who did not enjoy school at all and really didn't spend much time thinking about it would think about me being so passionate about education now. Would it be celebrated? Would I be seen as annoying? I think the worst case scenario for me would be for them not to care. I wouldn't want to be forced to use Facebook for a class because I think it's a mess of a tool. I've never met a Moodle site that made me want to come back. Same with Ning. But, that just makes me think about how I don't enjoy online-learning as a student. That's as a student, not to say that online-learning is a bad thing. I just remember hating using Blackboard and WebCT in college. I'm a hands-on, face2face let's-have-a-conversation kind of guy.
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Oct 9, 2010