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Leonard Bustos
Leonard Bustos, 60040 Jeraboa Road, Mountain Center, California 92561 – 760-578-8480
"From “Orale Ese’s” to “Political Essays”. As a student at San Diego State in the mid 70’s, I identified as “Chicano.” I was Vice President of Mecha, Civil Rights organizer and I marched with Cesar Chavez. I minored in “Mexican American Studies,” with a major in Criminal Justice and eventually a Master’s in Public Administration. “Orale Ese” was the salutation of choice at the time. As preparation for a career in the FBI or CIA, I worked full time while in school as a sub-rosa surveillance investigator – typically insurance claims. This meant I would investigate and follow subjects at all hours (legally) taking motion picture evidence in public without them knowing. If we ever meet, ask me about those “interesting” stories.” Never convicted of a crime, never fired from a job, thinking I’m a top candidate for the position, I applied to the San Diego Police Department when they were aggressively recruiting Mexican Americans. While in Junior College I was a wrestling champion and I also received a football scholarship. Working out was a passion, and I generally maintained top physical condition. Academically, I was on the Dean’s Honor Roll with a 3.5 Grade Point Average. When I took the physical and written exam, I was certain I scored near if not at the top. I passed everyone on the obstacle course and runs. I was confident I aced the exams. The only thing left was the “The Final Interview” with two former policemen and a female department administrator. The interview was mostly about my affiliation with Mecha and Cesar Chavez. Of course, I gladly spoke about my involvement as it was a source of pride and certain indications of leadership skills – or so I thought. To make a long story short, they failed me (I was unable to communicate effectively). I filed a discrimination law suit that followed me through applications to 13 other law enforcement agencies where I was summarily rejected every time. It’s tough to spend your life working towards a goal only to get the rug pulled out from under you. Wallowing in self-pity gets old quick. I soon learned it’s not the fall, it’s how you get up. This started my career in real estate then writing and creating videos which is what I currently love to do. “Political essays.” I like to make others laugh especially when so much destruction, corruption, division and uncertainty hangs in the air. It helps me to stay positive and enjoy life. Why suffer with angst and anger when you can laugh and be entertained with a front row seat to the Ultimate Reality Show that never ends (until you die)? I live in the mountains in Southern California with my security team and personal trainers’- Mascara (Australian Shepperd) and Coal (Black Pit Lab). They also moonlight as dishwashers. Stop by for dinner sometime?
Interests: RussiaGate, Fake News, Trump Investigation, Russian Ruse, Mueller Investigation, Special Prosecutor, Drain the Swamp, Russian Collusion, Collusion Illusion, Collusion Delusion
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Oct 26, 2017