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I love the Henri pattern and the yarn is gorgeous! I'd be so happy to win either.
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Anne is so incredibly cool for doing this. You are a lucky lucky man. I love the expression on your face.
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Happy birthday, Wil! I have to tell you that we often say, Don't be a dick! in my household. And I always thought I was pretty great at being nice to others. My mom always tells people how sweet and loving I am when she introduces me to her friends. And then today I realized without ever thinking about it, in a time when it matters a lot I was being a huge DICK. You see many years ago I married a wonderful guy, but with him a long came not so wonderful parents. They are very bigoted folks who think class, money, and appearance above all else matter. Not a good combo for a woman who believes that kindness, respect, and someone's actions are the most important things. Over the years they've gotten worse and worse with their hate and rudeness to my husband. So when they called today and asked us to meet them for lunch to pick up our kids who had spent three days camping with them, it was like a recipe for Instant DICK. As I got ready I realized that for years I've been a dick when ever we spoke of my in laws and that is what my kids hear. I thought I was being all coy about it, but we have smart kids and they've realized that their mom "hates" their grandparents. I feel like I've been teaching my kids that hey it's okay if someone isn't like you or isn't nice for you to be a dick in secret. WOAH! I felt like I got slammed with a big bag of wake the fuck up. So today I went to lunch and I was nice. Not fake nice, but respectful, nice, and tried to not be rude even when they were very rude to my husband. Then when we got home I didn't say stuff to my husband about how bad his parents were. I just let it go, because my kids don't need to hear me trashing their grandparents. They know what they said was rude. And they know their dad is a great man and nothing his parents say will change that. Thank you, Wil. Amongst all the noise of life you reminded me that above all else it matters what kind of person I am to my kids, because they are little sponges who will go out into the world one day and I hope that they are the kind of folks who will not only not be dicks, but go out of their way to make others feel awesome.
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Thank you for including me in such a great post, Meighan. I put a little mention on my blog today pointing back to the post and your blog. ( Thank you for the push to do a blog post today even when I'm feeling a bit under the weather. You're helping me already keep my new years goals. :) The painting is going even better then I expected. I'm on my second painting of the year and it feels so freeing to paint from my soul. I was worried I wouldn't know what to do or how to begin, but things just happen so naturally. And I feel like my work is already looking better. It's still me, but I feel like it's more alive in a way. I love what everyone seems to be thinking about connecting with the art community more this year. I'm adding that to my list of things. To get out more and to try to see more art shows, even if it's just local small shows here in my little town.
Thank you for writing this Wil. I know it's not easy to convey how you feel about something that is so personal. It made me tear up. But also feel so thankful that you have gone on to have a healthy career that has given so many people joy. Just recently in the middle of the night I was standing on the sidewalk where River died with a friend of mine who is a famous rockstar whose battled drug addiction his whole adult life. We had this strange moment of realizing where we were about the same time and we began to hug. I got a little choked up thinking about how sad it was when River died, but it really hit home when I was hugging my friend and realized if I lost him that way it would just crush part of my heart. It went from the death of a part of my childhood to really thinking about how his death affected the people that really knew and loved him. He became more then just a name to me. I had always admired him as an actor, but in that moment I felt so much for him as a person.
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Meighan, thanks for the continued posting. It does seem to be a bit slow lately. Your blog is one of my favorites for inspiration, so thank you for the continued work sharing the great stuff out there.
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