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Russ Worthington
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Pro's and Con's, plus one: Find-A-Grave: I am a long time user of Find-A-Grave. I take pictures, not as many as I would like, and post them. What I try to do, is the use the Link Feature between Individuals, showing relationships. Some folks / contributors have added obituaries and other stories. One create feature for adding people and their pictures is the ability to upload a Spreadsheet. Pro: Relationships and Stories, Upload Spreadsheet Con: Cables, Upload, Time BillionGraves: Went out yesterday using BillionGraves. Quick and Easy. Took a number of pictures, as I moved to the next set of headstones, Uploaded the 10 or 15 pictures. Pro: Quick, Easy, Take Picture, Upload (DONE) Con: just a bunch of pictures, no stories, no relationships New one: RestingSpot: This has to ability to upload from the "field" AND the ability to add the stories when you get to a computer. This is more about telling the story behind those that we remember through the pictures. Pro: Quick, Easy, Related Stories Con: The Android AP had a bug (crashing) the last time I used it. I really like the concept of RestingSpot, where the story can be kept alive by and for family members. I am for using them all, as you never know what connection(s) we might make for others or for ourselves. Russ
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Geoff, I have been a contributor to Find-A-Grave, have given several presentations to genealogists and to two historical societies. To the family researchers, how to use the website and what you can learn. To the historical societies what they can do to help preserve the cemeteries in their area. I have some pretty bad examples of cemeteries that I have tried to take pictures of. I wanted the historical societies understand how a Family Historian uses information found in cemeteries and on the Find-A-Grave website. I also had several examples of "just because it's written in stone, doesn't make it right. For the family historian's I hope that they see that links are added to the Memorial to help show relationships. Stories, obituaries, pictures are all to help tell the story of the person whose tombstone may be in the memorial. I have posted a couple of pictures taken 10 years ago, because the current stone can not be read, or has been destroyed. Find-A-Grave is another great resource. Russ
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Nov 10, 2011