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Neilehat, you're dead wrong. If you're in law, IT, math, science or engineering, when the power's gone and your wifi's dead you're going home for the day whether you know the answer or not! I'm at a top 10 law school and everything's open book, open-note-(just no google, haha!) Just because you have all the information available to you doesn't mean you know the answer. In the real world it's not the person who can spit up the information does well, it's the one who can apply it and synthesize it appropriately. That's not to say we haven't learned anything, just that we don't waste our time trying to drill useless little details into our heads. If your job or field is really so simple that having a textbook or two open can really give you all the answers, you're in the wrong field!
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Dec 8, 2012