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Ruth Ann Ryan
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;) Mise en Place LOL If your Dad was a turkey he'd have been in the oven quicker. Been following the 'Witch' since before Facebook. Your sense of humor is great! I had a Dad w/mesothelioma and a Mom who physically just crashed at the same time. They recognized us whenever we came to the hospital. Congratulations, you are now a card carrying member of the "I Laugh so I Don't Cry" Club. This is what you do to survive. Won't get better but it will pass. My best to your tough Dad and your family.
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Oh what a memory. Had to go to you tube and listen to a few. I played Lonely Bull till my Mom was ready to put me out to pasture along with the bull. Payback for my Mom having to put up with all that bull was me having a son in the band with.....yup! A trumpet. LOL
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Sounds like myself many moons ago. Sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do. Your bookshelf was my toilet. We had a nice powder room, but, our main bath was circa 1920s. Really. One day while my husband was out, I turned off the water to the bathroom, emptied and disconnected the old commode and dragged it into the center hall. When he came home he went upstairs to change his clothes. DEAD SILENCE for at least 5 minutes. Needless to say our bathroom was immediately re-modeled. That was fun, hope the people who bought out house like my taste, I've moved on. Good luck in your new venture, so nice you have a willing helper.
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Happy Birthday to your young boy/man. He's right, you know, hiding behind that young boys face, you can already see the handsome man he's going to be. Been following you for so many years, I can almost see him change with every post.
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Beautiful, so many people can't appreciate the labor of love required to accomplish this. I have a quilt made for me before I was born by my Dad's Mother. Not to be outdone, Nana on my Mom's side had to do one also. This one however, I was required to help with. Oh how I tried to get out of that claiming I needed glasses, my eyes hurt, I had a headache. I was only Julia's age then, and am 70 now so these quilts are 'keepers'.
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Gotta love these kids. My Mom kept me locked out till she could see that my pockets were turned inside out. (I kept my snakes there) The boys in the neighborhood were afraid of me. When my boys were small the other neighborhood moms weren't fond of me. EEEW Donnie's mom picks up preying mantis bugs. Get the picture. Your family is great because there are no sissies allowed there!! Well, I never outgrew the interest in yucky things. I think your critter is an isopod. I don't know if a pdf file will link here but I'll give it a try.
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At least you can see your bunny. Our sand mound looks like a jungle because my sig. other doesn't weedwack there. It's full of bunny nests. It's so bad I expect monkeys to leap out of there any minute. ;>)
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2010 on Recurring Theme at The Barefoot Kitchen Witch
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Holy cow, salvage the cheddar, don't toss it. I worked in the deli of a grocery store for many years. This is what we did. Gently wipe the mold off the cheese with a clean cloth dipped in white vinegar. This usually does the trick. Good luck
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Jun 24, 2010