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Ruth Bonser
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thanks for the giveaway, i would love to win.
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I would love to see double page layout week, use your scraps week, 4x6 photos week or another week on layouts using 6x6 papers, that would an awesome one! another thought is theme week on using daybook pages for layouts, since i have been thinking about doing that and would love some more ideas.
thank you for the giveaway.
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2012 on last call @ studio calico at the moments in between
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the border stamps look really awesome, so do the paper packs.. but i am too late for everything.
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the new stuff looks great!
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2012 on Cosmo Cricket CHAW 12 Sneak Peek at Cosmo Cricket
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Beautiful collection, as you said it is so very versatile!! Thanks for another gorgeous addition for us scrapper to use.
I would like to see some of the new odds and ends.
Toggle Commented May 12, 2011 on Cosmo Cricket Meets Gelaskins at Cosmo Cricket
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lovely visual corner, thank you for sharing.
cannot live without punches!
Toggle Commented May 11, 2011 on Creative Spaces Giveaway! at Kelly Purkey
i love that my space is where all of the family is hanging out.
I think that vintage toys have a certain curiosity, we go out and buy junk for our kids all the time these days, but once upon a time toys needed to be more versitle, because kids only got to have a couple, those vintage toys are very telling i think?
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love the layout, thakns
Toggle Commented Apr 14, 2011 on hoppity hop at scraps
gorgeous, thanks!
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at the moment what inspires me is oscillating between being enthused to get the story down that matches those photos and why i took them, and seeing cool page design elements on the net and wanting to rush to my table to imitate the idea in my own pages. love that.
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You tell it to that orange!
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This is such a lovely line. When I need inspiration I find one of two things works, get excited about a design to use, or get excited to tell a particular story that your photos express. those two things work best for me eveytime.
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LOL, you crack me up, great card to mass reproducing after each scrapbook page with the leftovers, thanks!
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KAy you are so funny, I was cracking up over the dancing bananas yesterday. Great cards, I am a bit fan of KISS, and I definitely share your love of Tim Holtz. I only found out about TH recently actually.. from your Mum when she gave a tour of her basic tools, and half of them it seems were Tim Holtz stuff. Getting a few of those into my hands was love at first sight, also at first use and at first monologue about it to my DH later that day LOL Thanks for a fun week of posts, looking forward to the second half.
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Last 2 I was chatting about them on twopeas, but this time I blogged about them, love love love the kraft flowers. pure genius. now when do i get to BUY them!?
i like the numbers, very different from yesterdays peek.
Blogged about it also.
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Just tweeted about it using #littleblackdresskitclub
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Hurrah, what a fabulous idea, like slimming dresses turn into perfect goto matching for scrapbooking. love it!
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wow, that is so cool, its really different from anything else that is out. i posted about it on 2peas
wow, i really want to say spanish rose because they are gorgeous, but i am COMPELLED to write stampable flowers, because that is SO AWESOME, the stamps are really clever, you guys are too brilliant!