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'Swedish scientists have done extensive research on this and they found we first lived in small groups of 20 to 100 people who in any given week averaged 2.5 days for gathering and hunting and 4.5 days on talking.' Hi Ulric Id love to know the source of this study please, where might I locate it thanks, Ruth
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Hi Anne I located you through the 21st Century Skills org education link. Oh I' m urked at the thought of those comments (for you especially!), however I loved how you spoke of industry unreadyness for transparency and collaboration.It' s so exciting that Web 2.0 is a revolution without the politicians and industrialists! Exactly what you said is pertinant to educators and education. What a revolution is upon us! Youth lead and that is just how it should be each generation building higher upon the last. We should be so proud.
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Mar 6, 2010