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The Hoppy EX Mailman
Interests: I love golfing, snow skiing, and pheasant hunting, but my real passion is making my own beer. I've been a Red Sox fan since Yaz was a rookie, which was 1961. I'm also a Miami Dolphins fan since they entered the league in 1966. I love the blues, enjoy country, dug Motown, was big on rock and roll, but I really enjoy the old americana music. John Prine, Delbert McClinton, Steve Goodman, David Bromberg, Bonnie Raitt, Asleep at the Wheel, Johnny Cash, you get the picture. For movies, White Christmas and Airplane would both be at the top. Alfred Hitchcock movies and the old musicals were great. I love a good laugh.
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Nashville is growing in the beer world also. The St. Charles Porter won a silver medal at this years Great American Beer Festival in the Brown Porter category. Next time we're in the area we'll have to stop in for a taste. I enjoy reading your thoughts.
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This is so cool. Charles Kuralt would be proud of you. Makes we want to go to Gothenburg. You can't hide in a small town. Enjoy your journey.
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2012 on Of Small Towns and Farming at A Deliberate Life
Thank you, it is admirable. I am the Uncle of which Paul speaks of. I've been a home brewer for over 18 1/2 years now and love it. My bride always knows where I'm at, in the basement playing with my beer. Some many styles, so little time. I made this walk in cooler following my friend Bruce's example. I keep it at 48 degrees which is perfect for my ales and a great fermentation temperature for my lagers of which you see two on the floor. But the reason for this reply is to explain the commercial beers in the cooler. The Lites are my brides. She loves my beers, but I think grabbing a can is just easier for her. Besides, that leaves more for me. As for the PBR's, that's mine. A medal winner at the 2011 Great American Beer Festival here in Denver, it's been my "lawn mower" beer for years. I save my brews for when I can sit down and relax with it. Pabst has gone back to their 1970's recipe and I'll take them over a Coors, Bud, or Miller anyday. Hope that takes care of that. May 7th is National Homebrew day and the AHA Big Brew is the 5th. Find a friend and make a beer with them. Could be fun.
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2012 on Men and Beer at A Deliberate Life