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Frances: regarding the problems of deception and the question of what is socially valuable, I think the problems are less dire than you fear. As a sort of control, compare to the transparency and value of the average government program. Back to charities, I'm sure there will always be better and worse charities. I doubt there's a long-term incentive for charities to deceive donors (as opposed to just doing what they say; it's not that hard, is it?) if only because being vulnerable to an exposé like that Human Society article is bad for one's donations. Charities attached to poor practices and poor goals are likely to lose popularity, relative to efficient, good ones. ("Charities can fail...") As for the Suzuki Foundation vs. Fraser Institute dichotomy, we can happily disagree about which charities to support. Again, that's part of the benefit of charities, that they are more choose-your-own-adventure than government, and again, I think our disagreement is more about whether the present size of government is too big, too small, or just right (the marginal statist-libertarian argument, I guess). This discussion might be well-informed by actual numbers: Canadian charitable giving amounts to about $10 billion per year, the federal budget is about $250 billion. My instinct is to raise the former number, not the latter, but reasonable people may disagree.
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Apr 23, 2011