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Portland, OR
I go to psu for advertising and I need a job.
Interests: I am interested in music, art and doing the best that I can at everything. I used to be interested in reading books but now I just read school books and online blogs for knowledge. I am wildly interested in winning.
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Maybe it’s too soon but I knew Diet Coke for many years. I think that not all the aspects of his personality were presented in the obituary. He was a great guy who lived a full like and he will be missed. I was a great friend to the whole Coca-Cola family. My parents introduced me to Diet Coke and his older brother Coca-Cola when I was still in diapers. They were always hanging out together. So the three of us spent a lot of time together over the years. Diet Coke was always jealous of his older brother. I didn’t mind at first but it seems that he was always trying to copy Coca-Cola. I remember he would often get mad when I noticed that he was trying to copy his brother’s style. One time in particular he showed up at a party and tried to mix with friends Whiskey and Rum. They didn’t get along as well as they did with Coca-Cola. I thought there was going to be a fight. I ended up having to ask him to leave because he just couldn’t fill his brother’s shoes. He always held that against me. I will still miss him greatly. I remember a lot of great moments too. He and I used to hangout on hot days and he would keep me cool. I also remember a few times that he came through for me when no one else was around. I will remember him that way. A guy that always came through when I was out of options.
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I think this is a better ad. please follow link
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I think that these ads are shocking and they did grab my attention but I don't see what they say about aids. I think that they are weird and I wonder if they will get people interested. I can't read the copy or text on the ad but I am sure that would help with my confusion. I think it is safe to say I don't like the models missing their junk. I don't feel like I need to go read more about it. Maybe, it's just me but I don't really like these ads.
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Wow, I have seen the popular video that they did, the one where they are on the treadmills. I didn't realize that it was OK Go when I saw it. I think that it is very strange that EMI worked with google to keep the video from being shared. It seems to me that the internet is the best thing that happened to bands since they invented touring. As for OK Go pairing up with State Farm, I think that is fine. I don’t think they sold out but they definitely figured out a way to make more money from 3 different companies while getting their music out they way they wanted. I would be very interested to see where they go from here. If I owned a label I would not want to sign a band who worked extra hard to go against my wishes. Further more why would you want your band to get less internet fame? It’s like EMI want OK Go to be less famous. I think that it is a good idea for State Farm to pair up with things that “the kids like”. It will be a way for them to get their name out for a younger demographic that doesn’t think about things like insurance at all.
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I think that the Glee show selling a lot of mp3s makes total sense. I feel that the public has ALWAYS been into musicals but it has been unpopular in large parts of entertainment industry. It has been looking for ways to get out or at least companies have been trying to make musicals make money. Disney is a perfect example of a company who has been using musicals, tour and mp3 sales to reap triple sales from younger demographics for years. I am a huge fan of Metalocalypse and they have cds, dvds and musical tours going all the time. it is an animated cartoon on Adult Swim but it's great! I am their demographic and I have all the media that I can purchase from them. I think that it is very obvious that MTV won't be giving music to anyone ever again but people like it and if they make good music then it will also sell. I don't think that it is a bad thing. I follow 30 rock and the office online after I watch them. I want more content and I am impatient. I also do not think that it is a fad.
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