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ßryan Glanz
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OFWGKTA = authenticity. It's hard to fake and easy to prove. The Collective spits creativity. I think its the reason their fanbase is so expansive. Their authenticity creates this pull where genre is no longer a boundary. Friends of mine who generally only like Slayer dig Odd Future, And the reason for this stem's back to the quote Chris Clancy references in the video, "Labels focused on songs that sounds like hits, not feel like hits." Slayer fans, Kanye Fans, Bieber Fans, MUSIC fans can feel that their(OFWGKTA) music is a hit. Clancy video, offered insight onto them as artists and as people. Clancy doesn't need the publicity for himself. As to the term sellout. I think they will gracefully transition into the mainstream, and as long as they only do things that are authentic to them...they will keep producing music that will have that feel to it. I look forward to what Odd Future in the future is like. I feel it will be mind blowing.
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Sep 14, 2011