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Richard, totally agree! We are definitely seeing a spike in demand for Plus-Plus via Amazon and direct to consumer. Most days this week are 50% higher than the same day last week. Parents and kids are looking for things to do!
It's a nice story, but a very slim chance. The first $200M pledged is his own money. So, really, the GoFundMe has raised just over $48,000 of a needed $800,000,000. It's a good PR stunt but not much else.
Well said indeed! The innovation (and the booth artistry) in Nuremberg always far outshines NY in my book. It's also amazing to see booths that are bigger than anything you would see in NY, but that are for brands we never see in the US. As usual, I left inspired and excited for Toy Far in NY!
I look longingly at PlayCon every year, but the number one reason I can't go is always cost. As a small company we just can't justify it, even though I know it would be great to attend. Seems like it's made for the 'big boys' and not for us up-and-comers.
Richard, This looks great! Question - this schedule is quite different from the one on the Creative Factor's website. Which one is correct? Thanks, Ryan Hamilton
@Laurie, isn't your toy designed specifically as a building toy for girls? If so, then you should be proud to submit in the Girls' category! We can't have it both ways - we celebrate things like Goldieblox as a great engineering/construction toy for girls (when in reality it's not a very good toy - only 55% 5 star reviews on Amazon is pretty brutal), but we also want to pretend that there aren't gender differences. Of course not all girls are the same, and not all boys are the same, but gender difference is real and to pretend otherwise does a disservice to kids. We can encourage their creativity in all kinds of areas and not restrict them to certain types of play without pretending there aren't differences.
Sorry, but I must strongly disagree. 1. The figure not a slave. He's standing on top of the ship with a map and a gun. 2. The figure is not of African descent - unless you want to see that hair as dredlocks, which is a stretch. 3. The concern of the mother is overreaction. The pictures she posted on social media were ridiculous - the child crying, etc. I appreciate that Playmobil doesn't gloss over anything in its toys - TSA playsets, guns, criminals, port-o-potties. If it's part of life, it's in a Playmobil set. If you are personally offended by the neckwear of a Playmobil fig, then throw that part away and move on (which my parents did with all the Playmobil pistols when I was a kid. They also blacked out certain Trivial Pursuit questions with a Sharpie, but that's a longer story). Anyway, great to see you in Dallas, and thanks for bringing this story to the industry's attention. I look forward to seeing more comments. Best, Ryan Hamilton
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Sep 30, 2015