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Ryan Powell
President of Eternite Media, LLC: An Independent Artist Services Company
Interests: Branding, Marketing, CD Manufacturing, Apparel Printing, Digital Distribution, Direct-To-Fan Sales and Marketing
Recent Activity
I have had nothing but not so kind words for MySpace in the past, and our design team can often be heard throwing things across the room when working on Band Profiles but I think this is a huge step in the right direction. It's about time that Myspace simplified things and unified their brand better. This layout allows for a beginner to have a great looking site without bogging the servers down with horrid templates but at the same time is still a great pallet for awesome custom fan engagement. As far as the ad block goes, it is a necessary evil and I thought it was tastefully done compared to MySpace ad space of the past. Hey even Facebook has annoying ads! I am looking forward to converting our clients over to the new layout and getting into the dirty details. Ryan @ Eternite Media
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