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Ugh. The Internet looks pretty much the same no matter which browser one uses. Why does everyone who uses Chrome act like they have some sort of secret to the Internet? Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari - they all do the same thing, and the speed tests aren't all that drastically different. Hooray, I can load a page .34 seconds faster in Chrome than IE! Give me a break.
I suspended my Netflix account about a year ago due to money constraints. Since then, I use my Roku to access Amazon VOD. Yes, the UI on the Roku sucks. You have to search through a list of watchable movies and TV shows that, for some reason, are never updated with all of the available options. BUT, I have been able to find lots of content to tide me over until I can afford Netflix again: King of the Hill, Gordon Ramsays' Kitchen Nightmares, The Wonder Years, Dick Van Dyke Show, Cheers... The list goes on! I find Amazon to be the better choice only because I would rather save up money to pay for a year upfront then have to be charged every month.
Turn Roku into Google TV? Sounds good to me, seeing a show Google TV has been a joke thus far. I can see Google buying up Roku at some point. Just as long as they let Roku boxes turn into Google TV boxes. I'm kind of upset with Roku at the moment. They took a dump all over their existing customers when they released Roku 2 with exclusive features and firmware updates.
Or you could hook up a PC to your LCD television and be set. Much cheaper alternative than a $99 box.
Most people will get over it and keep paying because they are too lazy to actually go to a Redbox machine and rent a movie. Also, if you switch to streaming only, you are playing the game Netflix wants you to. They want you to drop DVDs to save them money. If we all sign up for the DVD only plan, and no one signs up for streaming, I think that would send a message that the customers are not happy.
I believe that, after the hot air stops being blown around, subscribers will stay. People love Netflix for the convenience, and I believe that convenience will be the reason people keep on paying the new fees.
Well, my account is currently on hold as I can't afford even the $9.99 plus taxes at the moment while I save up to buy a new home. If I ever go back to Netflix, I will now only be getting the $7.99 DVD only plan. Streaming only is not worth it, as the selection is not big enough for me. 80% of my DVD Queue is not available for streaming.
If a price hike does come, then Netflix is certainly getting too expensive for me. I love the streaming and getting discs in the mail, but if I can pay Amazon $79 a year and still get some streaming content, then it just makes it harder to continue justifying the monthly cost of Netflix. :( Of course, no one offers the amount of streaming content that Netflix does. Unfortunately, I don't think it is worth paying more than the $9.99. The entire purpose of Netflix for the last year or so for me has been to replace my cable service (along with OTA). If the prices rise, then I may as well just have kept cable.
That's too bad that the cheaper models are ditching Ethernet. I have my DSL modem right next to my entertainment system so that my Xbox, Roku and Blu Ray player can all be hooked up via Ethernet. It is much more reliable (and faster) than wireless.
@Socinus I agree that digital media is the future. But, if you already own the DVD I don't see any reason to get rid of it. You did not offer a solution to the problem of the movie no longer being available for streaming. Personally, I rarely buy physical media anymore and usually go the Amazon VOD or Zune route to purchase movies and TV shows. Netflix is great, but the titles available for streaming come and go and are not a reliable option. If I want to watch a certain movie, I can't be assured that it will be on Netflix.
To BP108: "Something worth watching" is subjective. You can't base an argument for how bad streaming is with a subjective viewpoint.
I don't understand why you would get rid of DVDs just because the titles are on streaming. At some point in time those titles will no longer be available and then you'll need your DVD or Blu-Ray again. It's not like Netflix streaming content will be around until the end of time!
Interesting... It would seem that Dish has no idea what they bought, or maybe just a lawyer who is bad at explaining rights. I'm still not sure what Dish wants with Blockbuster, but the recent Blockbuster Express kiosks are doing well in my area.
Is it really THAT important to watch a movie or tv show on your phone? When does anyone have time to watch a tv show or movie when not at home?
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May 12, 2011