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Ryan Schaffer
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The Washington Nationals Facebook page has 8,665 likes as of the time of this comment. The Phillies have 1,157,955. They block us from buying the tickets, who will buy the tickets? Nobody else wants to buy the tickets.
First off, they have to resort to football, not baseball to try to insult us. I could have sworn they were still the Expos. This place isn't even a state. They're like Puerto Rico but with taller buildings. Seriously, if it wasn't for Phillies fans being so dedicated to travel to this shithole, they wouldn't have a team. Phillies sucked the last few years at the Vet but we still came to every game enough to earn a brand new park. Players want to play for a town so awesome they take discounts to play. Yes, the best pitcher in baseball took less money to play here. Washington has to overpay for overrated "stars" just to show thier few fans they're trying. They mention McNabb, Lidge and Werth didn't want to be here anymore so they left. Yeah that's it. Spot on, Washington. DC that is, not the real state.
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Mar 9, 2012