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Thomas Ryan
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"nor indeed - alas - of the 25%, who had no previous convictions" It's interesting to consider, as I believe Theodore Dalrymple has pointed out, that most criminals (burglars\muggers) are not caught the first time they commit an offense. If I remember correctly, I believe they've generally committed at least 10 offenses on average before being caught for the first time. It's quite possible that a large portion of the 25% with no prior convictions had committed quite a few offenses between them but had been lucky enough not to have been caught before the riots. The 'dispossessed fighting against entitlement' indeed.
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“We’ve had the Soviet experiment. We’ll get it right next time.” Daoud Hamdani I wonder if Mr. Hamdani has a rough estimate of how many people will need to be killed in order to "get it right the next time."
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Mar 12, 2010