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Dear Catherine: It appears to me Joe Sack just wanted to spread out $85,000 in legal fees including $10,000 or so to Rye Corporation Counsel Kristen Wilson. Sack has said that Wilson needs to go but getting rid of her is complicated. I wonder what that means????? Sack promised an RFP for a new Corporation Counsel almost two years ago. Still no RFP. I wonder why????? Does Wilson have the goods on Sack? Councilman McCartney has compared Kristen Wilson to a first year associate. Everyone knows what that means. Wilson signed the agreement six years ago that appears will eventually allow Crown Castle to install (80) gas nodes around Rye. Why hasn't Sack fired her for this and sued Wilson for malpractice? So how is it that Wilson is still the Corporation Counsel in Rye?
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Ted, Thank you for your report. Sack is a disgrace. He is the worst Mayor Rye has ever had. The fact that he ran for Mayor on a platform of transparency and open government and then shuts down public access to City of Rye records makes him a fool and unelectable in the future. Unfortunately for Sack the 3rd and 4th graders he held hostage at his last State of the City of Lie can't vote. It seems to me that almost as soon as he became mayor, Sack began to illegally conceal almost every record asked for. I believe some of this concealing of public records may be criminal in nature. Besides illegally concealing his mayoral e-mails, Sack won't even release the records of who submitted FOIL requests to the City of Rye and when the City of Rye responded to them. Is this because Sack doesn't want the public to know what FOIL requests get responded to and which ones don't? The big question here is what is Sack hiding and why is he hiding it? Have laws been broken and Sack doesn't want the public to know? Is Sack enabling his landlord?
tedc, Was the Rye Golf Club Greenskeeper arrested shortly after Toomey's bought and paid for report was released? Why won't Sack release Toomey's bought and paid for report on the Rye Police Department ticket fixing scandal investigation?
Here's a better slogan: Let's sack Sack.
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2016 on Rye Mayor Says Topple the Tunnel at We have already seen what Jovanovich has done to our City of Rye employees and have read what he allegedly did to Judith Hill. This on top of the corruption he was either directly involved in or led the efforts to cover it up in Rye. Jovanovich is a huge stain on Rye. Now this news about Silberkleit. Looks like were back to only one real candidate for Mayor. Joe Sack.
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Matt: First off thank you for your service on the Rye City Council. It is mostly a thankless job with lots of work and time away from your family. If Rye is a City Manager government, and you are correct that the City Council does not run the day to day operations, why do we only hear from French about all things Sandy and almost every other issue facing Rye? Why isn't Pickup at the forefront of these issues? French ran on a platform that included Otis was micromanaging the City of Rye. Otis now looks like an absentee manager compared to French. I don't want to get into a back and forth with you but would certainly welcome your opinion on this.
Andrew your assessment of the Rye Record is right on the money. Peter and Robin have become shills for the likes of French and Pickup. They appear to not care about the truth and don't report on anything that will reflect badly on Peter. For example, the apparent misappropriation of $5,000,000 from City of Rye operating funds. How about that "Dewey defeats Truman" headline when the Jovanovich's falsely announced Killian;s appointment while neglecting to report on the May 5, 2012 antics of our former barefoot contessa Councilwoman. In my opinion the Jovanovich's have an insatiable desire to be accepted as Rye residents, they are phonies, they lack of credibility and ethics, and have a disturbing bias towards anyone who dares to tell the truth about Rye's corrupt administrators. I believe this has made the Rye Record and the Jovanovich's the laughing stocks of Rye and throughout Westchester.
Mr. Sears, Unfortunately, it appears you’re correct in that we have no leaders in Rye. This did not happen overnight. Here is what our current leaders are up to. I notice that you did not include the press when you went looking for leaders. That is unfortunate. While I applaud your courage to raise this issue in the manner that you did, it has been a long time coming. Our would-be leaders in Rye apparently have no fear of their misdeeds, mismanagement and actual corruption being properly reported. This leads to no accountability from our would-be leaders and leads to where we are today. We also have a city manager, a police commissioner and a mayor bullying some members of the press when they dare to report on real news that may be negative about them. We also have deputy mayor, who along with his wife, have hijacked The Rye Record in service to their own per$onal and political agenda$. Does The Rye Record headline that Suzanna Keith “handed off her mantel” to Mrs. Killian sound familiar and still make you cringe? Wait till tonight when it finally actually happens. We have Dr. Shine telling the world that this type of hazing is “not a tradition in Rye” when it is a well known fact that it is. In my house this is called a lie. In Rye it seems to have become almost standard operating procedure. We have a police commissioner telling the press that the Rye Police had to turn this case over to the County Police. That is a dodge. This incident started in front of City Hall on City of Rye property and the Rye Police should be lead agency from start to finish. Why did the commissioner push it off on the County Police? Political pressure? Then the County Police not only released the names of the accused, they released their mug shots as well. Because the accused are minors, I found this to be very disturbing and deplorable. If the commissioner had not pushed this to the County Police in all likelihood this would not have happened. We have a Mayor who over the course of the last year has at best been distracted with very serious and documented allegations against him that have not been properly investigated to date. The mayor should have resigned months ago. As it stands we now have a city manager who stands accused of lying to the public and to the city council. And he did it bald faced on video. We have a school district continually obsessed with AP courses, their ranking in Newsweek and secrecy about anything tangible that could diminish their reputation. I believe Rye should go to a City Council/Supervisor/Mayor form of government as they have in Harrison. We do not need a $200,000 a year politically appointed City Manager who has to do the personal bidding of certain council members. If an elected Supervisor/Mayor who would have to be from Rye and would therefore have roots in Rye doesn't do a good job - or stands accused of serious allegations - he or she doesn't get re-elected in elections scheduled for every two years for all City Council members and the Supervisor/Mayor. If you really want leadership in Rye it’s time to get rid of today’s self dealing pretend leaders. Because without real accountability - there can be no real leadership.
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Sounds very familiar tedc. Thanks for the links. That Yonkers link was very interesting too.
Robert: In terms of getting rid of the political effluence in Rye, Ray has been very effective. Getting rid of Shew, Otis and Plunkett was a good start. Ray was instrumental in giving French an opportunity to put Rye on the right track towards honesty, integrity, responsiveness and accountability. Instead he chose to retain Pickup and Wilson who he knows have a vested interest in seeing that the coverups and malfeasance surrounding the Schubert and Heal the Harbor matters remain hidden from the public. I hope Ray continues his efforts to make Rye a more green and safer place for us all. Making sure Parker and Gamache don't get elected in November would certainly help.
Ray: Kristen Wilson was mentored by Kevin Plunkett. He was getting paid to give the City of Rye legal advice. Sometimes that legal advice was to defend a lawsuit or initiate a lawsuit where he and his law firm would then become the "Outside" Attorneys making tons of money. Former Supreme Court Judge Carey and the only Attorney sitting on the current City Council Joe Sack, issued a report saying at the very least this is a very bad idea. Mayor French disregarded their report and signed up Kristen Wilson and her new law firm Harris Beach. The same exact circumstances exist today. Wilson gets paid $100,000+ to give the City Council legal advice and her firm Harris Beach gets throw much of the "Outside" legal work. Is this ethical and legal? Irregardless as to whether or not this is legal and ethical, the ever looming financial incentive that exists in giving legal advice has to end. Until it does, there really is no incentive for Wilson and Harris Beach to advise the City Council to address your issues. Does Wilson receive a bonus from Harris Beach based on how much legal work $$$ she brings into Harris Beach? Does Harris Beach get any legal work from Wilson's former mentor who is now at the county?
Mamma Mima's.
Mr. Floatie: Could it be because the Rye City Council is the by-product of our effluence? Could it be they are interchanging their imaginary affluence with our effluence?
I guess there is some good news to come out of this Jay. Perhaps French could have Corporation Counsel Wilson and her law firm Harris Beach look into your proposed savings. Maybe they can even enlist her mentor Kevin Plunkett. With any luck they will spend perhaps $100,000 in legal fees to look into this. Then it will only take your proposal six years to break even. Welcome to City of Rye government. Home of the gave. Land of the fee.
tedc: After reading the Bassett trial transcript I am left bewildered as to why Detective Kenny did not testify at the trial. He was the lead investigator and the arresting officer. Kenny would also be able to testify as to Shew's involvement in the investigation on the very first day. Ohhhhhh maybe that's why the City of Rye fought so hard with taxpayer money to keep Kenny off the witness stand at the trial. Ohhhhhh and maybe protecting Shew and other higher ups is the same reason the City of Rye is fighting so hard with taxpayer money to keep two other City of Rye employees from testifying in the Schubert lawsuit. By the way did you read Verille's testimony in the transcript where he talks about two sets of notes that were supposedly kept by Detective Kenny?
Focus: Councilman Filipmeoff lives on the adjacent cul de sac and if there is a petition to not replace the bridge I would imagine that he is probably leading the way. BTW it is not just about the money. I believe there was also an issue of then Assistant City Manager Pickup filing the wrong paperwork on the bridge which delayed the process about two years. Also, the deck of the bridge that was remaining after the storm was improperly torn down on the Shew/Pickup watch and that slowed the process down too. Don't worry about Pickup though. He made out okay. The bridge, that's a different story.
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Councilman Sacks made some excellent points especially about getting a full accounting of how the old CVS was paid off. From Rye Patch. 1037 Boston Post Road This year, French and the City Council also paid off the balance of 1037 Boston Post Road, a site the city purchased during Steve Otis' administration in the hopes of building a joint police and court facility. Though that plan never materialized, the city rented the building to Lester's Clothing store for $23,000 a month. In March, the City Council authorized the issuance of $2 million in debt to pay for part of the balance it owed for its $5 million purchase of 1037 Boston Post Road. The remainder is covered by state and federal reimbursements. The city paid off the balance in November and will generate an additional $267,000 in interest savings as a result. This year, it will formulate a plan for possible uses of the building. A few questions. Do the state and the feds know French used $3,000,000 0f their money to pay off the old CVS building? I wonder if they were told by French that it was valued at about $2,000,000 below what the City of Rye paid for it. I wonder if the $3,000,000 in state and fed money used to pay for the old CVS building was supposed to be used for other projects. I wonder if the state and feds know Rye leases the old CVS building.
Bob: As a former school board member did you ever order Dr. Shine to not come to a school board meeting because you were going to discuss the Rye City Schools budget? Next time you drop Scott a note or stop by to see him could you ask him to answer these questions. Who is responsible for this snow removal and WHEN is it going to be taken care of? How many cops work in Rye? Why did he order Connors not to come to a Council meeting about the Rye PD? Does he know that Connors appears to be a terminal cancer who has destroyed the Rye PD and their morale? Where is the Central Ave bridge to nowhere? Why was paying off the CVS building more important than replacing a bridge vital to Rye's transportation and a sluice gate that is key to the flood mitigation we need? Where are the repairs to the Theodore fremd wall? Where is the Sluice gate? Where is the $1,000,000 in grants for the bird? Why is he paying tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to prevent two subpoenaed public employees from testifying in a public court case? Why isn't the Corporation Counsel handling the City's unprecedented legal action to prevent two Rye employees from testifying in the Schubert matter instead of outside lawyer$$$$$? Does the Corporation Counsel have a conflict concerning the Schubert matter? If yes, what is the conflict?
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Pickup seems to be in over his head. He doesn't know who is responsible for this snow removal? He doesn't know how many cops work in Rye? He orders Connors not to come to a Council meeting about the Rye PD? He doesn't know that Connors appears to be a terminal cancer who has destroyed the Rye PD and their morale? Where is the Central Ave bridge to nowhere? Where are the repairs to the Theodore fremd wall? Where is the Sluice gate? Where is the $1,000,000 in grants for the bird? Why is he paying tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to prevent two subpoenaed public employees from testifying in a public court case? Frank Culross was always professional. He didn't always agree with you or give you what you wanted but he was professional about it. He knew what he was doing and he knew Rye inside and out. He always responded to questions. He was always available and always held his subordinates accountable. In my view Pickup has none of these qualities. Novak and Shew were both disasters in their own right. Pickup is on the fast track to becoming another disaster.
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In Pickup and French's defense they may still be trying to figure out how many cops work in Rye.
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Il me semble que le français est Ted dunn pisser garçon et Pickup est sur la tête. Combien de fois ne Pickup n'ont à visser la paperasserie pour le Centre Avenue Bridge avant que le pont obtient construit? Pourquoi n'y a imputabilité dans seigle? Ramassage et Wilson vis et récompensé avec les promotions. Est-il possible que conseiller municipal Filip moi off et ses voisins sur Loewen Cour et le centre du Avenue ne veulent pas le pont construit et c'est ce qui retarde ce processus?
Mr. Amico: First and foremost French and Pickup having no clue how many cops work at the Rye PD is as bad as it gets.How do they control overtime or anything else if they don't have this basic knowledge. How can there be any credible oversight? There isn't!!!!!! Stupidity rules the roost at the Rye PD when it comes to manpower deployment and scheduling. This has led to $$$$ millions of dollars for needless and avoidable overtime the last ten years that Connors has been here. Pickup seems to me to be in way over his head. French probably chose him so French can micromanage every aspect of city management. Their performance last night in trying to retroactively change their idiocy during the budget process was revolting.
Mr. Amico: Connors refused to address dangerous mold and asbestos in the police station. In the last 10 years one officer has died, one almost died and 3 became seriously ill. I don't know if they are all related to the unaddressed dangerous conditions, but they could be. The state issued Connors and the City of Rye citations for Connors handling of these dangerous conditions. Connors refused to address dangerous conditions involving the detaining of prisoners. The state corrections commission had to come in and issue citations to Connors and the City of Rye for his failures to protect the cops. Numerous times Connors has withheld vital information from his own cops exposing them to harm and liability.
French and Pickup can say whatever they want about not knowing how many cops work in Rye. The fact of the matter is they had no clue during the budget sessions as to how many cops work in Rye. None. No matter how much taxpayer money French and Pickup wastefully throw at Connors and Wilson, they cannot rewrite history for them. Smoke and mirror charts do not even begin to coverup their stupidity. Maybe MyRye can post the video of French and Pickup's quotes during the budget meeting in question. That would be helpful for all MyRye readers to see what idiots we really have running this City.
Is French going to address the lies he told in his 2010 State of the City? That would be a good start. Litigation management? What happened to Councilman Sack and Judge Carey's solid recommendations for the Corporation Counsels job? The safety and well being of the citizens a priority? Is this a misprint? French and Pickup don't even know how many cops Rye has. Strange, no mention of Rye's employees in French's 2010 speech. Why is French still covering up the Schubert debacle while using Rye taxpayer money to protect the high level Rye officials responsible for this mess?