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Still reading. My blog has been inactive for years. Seems like everyone still writing is on FB/Twitter/Medium, etc. I don't much care for building your brand in someone else's business model and even if you are doing it for fun, what happens when they close-up shop? You lose all your content? What happens if Verizon decides to kill Tumblr? I think the 199x-200X period was special. We were all younger, less entrenched in our careers (some of those same anonymous/pseudonymous bloggers professionally write on LinkedIn), maybe before spouses and family, it was all new, and you could at least passively make enough money without really trying to pay for your hosting. We don't have the kind of time that blogging requires anymore.
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2017 on Hey, remember blogging? at Blankbaby
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Aug 9, 2017