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I did read your previous post on lens speed, but one thing that wasn't pointed out is that an f/2.8 lens on a 4/3 sensor will have a very different bokeh at that aperture than an f/2.8 lens on APS-C or full-frame camera (film or digital). The DOF gets increasingly narrower with a larger sensor, so I suspect that f/2.8 on M4/3 is actually closer to f/4 or f/5.6 on my Canon 5D. Yes, you can still throw the background out of focus but you have to be close to the subject or using a long lens, or both. As someone who shoots a lot of portraits, that aspect of a fast lens (the narrower DOF) is as or more important to me than the amount of light it lets in.
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2009 on Three Cheers for Olympus at The Online Photographer
I love everything about it... except the glass. Where's the 20-25/1.4-1.7? Where's the 40-50/1.8-2.0? Without fast primes like that I have no interest.
So far I'm impressed with the form factor and concept, but underwhelmed by the lens selection - at least initially. IMHO the "revolution" Olympus is predicting this camera will start won't happen until they can make fast primes that rival what's available for DSLRs. I for one won't buy one until they have a 25/1.4 and 45-50/1.8. If I have to make significant sacrifices in terms of IQ, low light and DOF capability, and focal length selection in order to own one of these M4/3 cameras, I won't buy one. Hopefully in a couple of years the 2nd or 3rd generation M4/3 models will be out along with some fast primes. Then they will be truly revolutionary.