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> What questions about life before AVATAR would you like to see answered in the prequel? Isn't it obvious? The Na'vi are perfect ... too perfect. The fibre-optic device they have which can transmit thoughts across species are the give-away, as it's difficult to see how these can have evolved naturally. The whole Pandoran environment is a high-tech artificial creation. Because the Na'vi look like a hunter-gatherer tribe, we've been seduced into thinking that they never evolved civilisation. James Cameron has fooled us into thinking he's promoting an unspoilt paradise here! But clearly the Na'vi had a civilisation very similar to ours, even more technologically advanced, which restored Pandora to a carefully engineered wilderness state. The species split into two branches, one of which forgot its origins, the other of which is probably still there, tending the artificial paradise it created thousands, maybe millions of years ago. Where are they? Maybe somewhere on Pandora, or in floating colonies in the atmosphere of the gas giant. And don't forget Alpha Centauri B, with planets of its own -- they could be based there now. What happens when the human explorers meet the real masters of Pandora, so much more technologically advanced than they are? Yes, you tried to seduce us into going along with the idea of the noble savage, unspoilt by progress. But if you want an unspoilt paradise, then you first have to evolve the genetics and the planetary engineering to create that paradise!
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Feb 19, 2010