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You first have to have a winning ticket, then you could claim your. Money. But playing this loosing game for thirty years. Not winning. Take my word.
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Lottery are all scams, other wise people would be more smaller winners. Where is all the non winning money going To? You diffently hide your money well.
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2017 on New Twist In Scam Attempts at ialottery blog
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In case you guys are also wondering, I played the all or nothing game this summer. Won 1000. After that draw, this lottery game changed the web site, now you can't win. I very played for over 30 years, not even a win to speak about. Rigged system. P S iowa just announce a huge win fall 2016. Well ya. That's our money we donated to loosing tickets
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You guys are right, check out the Illinois lottery changing the way you win after the drawing. Canceling payouts. Like the Donald says it is a rigged system.
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Your kidding another waste of consumer time and wages. no wonder there is no winners. More greed.
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Jan 22, 2013